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  1. Still nothing but i have contacted the vendor. When it first started happening i thought it was somthing i was doing, i also wasnt sure if the cash was taken. It happend on some cheap items. I didnt think too much about it. But as i said , i spent 500 and didnt get the item. Even though it said item has been delivered , ACCEPT and nothing.
  2. Thanks guys, i have done that some were good others i have yet to hear from . Oh well.
  3. Its both marketplace and in shop. There is somthing happening with items i think. Just reading , i am not the only one having this problem. I actually accept the item but it doesnt go into my inventory.
  4. I have started to have a problem when buying things. I order them, i get a note to accept them. I click accept but they are not in my inventory. This has only started happening. It has now happened with 4 different venders. I have just spent 500 lindens and again i have this problem. Its not in the recent tab. Its showing as delivered in my history. I do not have alot in my inventory so its easy to see things, its not in there. Anybody else have this problem ?
  5. I am having the same problem but i do not see the option to release land in the General tab. Not only that but it says the land owner is nobody ! I cannot downgrade my account because of this .
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