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  1. DUH! I did it - just wasnt standing in the right place!!!!! Silly me
  2. Id like to downgrade to a basic membership rather than the premium membership I have now. I had a message come up that I had to get rid of my land and Linden home first. However when I followed th info to do this: -world -place profile -about land -general abandon land I could only get as far as the general part, then could go no further as 'abandon land' wasnt a highlighed option. What have I done wrong? What do I do now. I cant afford to be paying for Premium membership anymore!
  3. I found a great medieval roleplay sim that Id like to get to know, but I cant find any information about the Old English language that is used in many of these sims. Does anyone know of a notecard or info that I can find out about the type of language I should be speaking, so I dont accidently speak modern english, or not act like a person of the time!
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