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  1. I am delighted that the injustice has been righted. But it is only a beginning. Pep (thinks we should also have a moment's silence for those who laid down their avatars in the struggle.) Cato Badger Storm Clarence Derek Torvalar Charly Muggins and in collateral damage Pep Resident
  2. Are you trying to tempt me out of retirement ? Pep (is relieved to be here still; his heart couldn't take much more stress.)
  3. I reaffimed my decision to retire from forum office. Pep (Except for State occasions of course.) PS See ya inworld if you pop in to the Hangout.
  4. "Facebook is the best place to find out about cool things going on in Second Life" I would have thought that a supposed communications professional posting *about* communications would have considered much more carefully their choice of words in an internal press release. The credibility of *all* the rest of your post is damaged by the use of the words "the best"; replace them with "another" and you might make sense. Instead, what could have been perceived as a positive step to reach out to your customers will be seen as propaganda for your discredited ex-CEO's strategy of turning an anonym
  5. LiveReport wrote: Message was edited by: LiveReport to fix typo Pep found. Awww, given your location and state of undress I think a Diver's Licence wuld be very appropriate. Pep (would not want to provide sensitive information to a bunch of homeworkers not actually employed by LL.)
  6. LiveReport wrote: Keli K: The operator said in order for a ticket to advance the new rule is you have to attach a Government ID or Diver's License. What happens if you can't swim? Pep (knows that this is all a result of support being outsourced to Startek's homeworkers Surnamed "Scout", who are equally proficient in two languages.)
  7. Meh, LL closed down a whole website (Avatars United) to stop me using Pep Linden, there being *nothing* in the AU ToS to restrict the use of any name at all. Pep (Jump out of a cake? Been there - at the Hangout - done that - for Chris's birthday - and someone has the photos, despite the bribe.) PS Scylla, you could save a lot of space in your sign by just replacing the description with "hyperemotional". PPS Yeah, I am still grouchy going into my seventh week of barosinusitis.
  8. Does it work when your husband uses it? Pep (remembers something Lia once said that might be relevant.)
  9. Couldn't get Simon Cowell, eh? Pep (would have preferred Cheryl Cole, but who wouldn't.)
  10. Baeric.Constantine wrote: Elijah, as I said to you in PM, and I quote directly: "what precisely is your point? You and Eli were attacking Daria is just such a manner. Whether true or not. It was wrong. Your actions are unbecoming of your intelligence... clearly evident. You have no excuse for such behaviour. So please, do not message me again through PM. I am not interested in communicating with you or Eli." You had a problem that has continued by the pair of you in public forums! I really do not care whether it is is true or not... but here, you have between you about 80-90 postings give
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