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  1. SERVICE_ERROR is returned in some situations where the transaction was succesfull. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7623
  2. I am looking for the form action url to post a message to an avatar from my.secondlife.com, the source only displays the action as /posts so there must be some server side redirection that I am unable to figure out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. data will contain a CSV of destination id and amount transferred on success and an error tag on failure. I would interpret this to mean that on success there would just be 2 items in the cvs list and on failure there would be a third, currently on failure you just get the error tag. I think that both the destination id and a amount transfered should also be included on failure. This will allow the script to more easily retry a failed payment. example: transaction_result(key transaction_id, integer success, string data) { list data = llParseString2List(data,[","
  4. Well done Torley, this should certainly be a on by default feature. Once we get verticle IM tabs without an XML hack I will be ready to make the switch over to viewer 2 (or 3 now)
  5. Brooke, what about all of those who opose this change in the marketplace? Those who think that either you should fix search and delivery first they way they are now before offering such a DANGEROUS method of delivery.
  6. I tried the first beta back in October, and never once saw a single ad during that campaign. I wonder if anyone did.
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