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  1. In my opinion, if you are in doubt, you always have the moral obligation to contact the maker to make sure this full perm item is indeed intended to be used as you like. You can argue, like many others, that when an item is full perm, the maker has lost every right to it. I do not agree You do not know how that full perm item got spread. It could be the maker who distributed it, or it could be the former trusted partner or friend that decided to turn on the maker. Yeah, yeah, I know, I have heard all the arguments about stupidity, own fault etc If you want to make money on other peoples work, you do have a moral obligation to find out if you can. Unless you really couldn't care one bit about right or wrong Your own sense of morals will answer the question for you
  2. Wait a few hours to see if it comes back. I have experienced a couple of times that my sim goes down and can't be accessed for hours If the sim indeed has seized to exist and your obejcts returned, there's a chance you didn't get them, as multiple objects returned at the same time are likely to get capped Best you can do is contact owner/managers and hope for an answer
  3. Once a group name has been used, whether or not this group still exists, it cannot be used again.
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