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  1. When you are down to so little coverage, just go naked! What's the point of trying to cover such a tiny portion when most of your assets are uncovered already? I suggest you contact the creator to see if they can custom create something for you. Big boobs in RL require COSTLY custom creations...so, my guess it might be a bit costly to have this custom designed for your SL big boob. Did I mention how costly custom creations are? They probably need to be non-rigged mesh or scuplted add-on so you could adjust it rather than a clothing texture that the appliers offer.
  2. Check out the SL Creation Wiki this might help. Is an article listed by By Nalates Urriah that might be helpful to you. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Clothing_Tutorials
  3. Your best place to experience SL Gor and not actually be in a Gor sim is to spend time at the Gor Hub. You will meet all kinds of players at the Hub from the beginner that knows nothing about RP or, read any of the books...to those who have read the books, may be horribly jaded and/or are actively involved in Gor. Gor is rather unique in that many kajira & owner(s) may have deeper D/s relationships than mere RP ones, whereas, others are just there to RP a role no strings attached. You will need to decide what suits you best. I would suggest you hang out at the Hub for awhile and become familiar with the very diverse world of SL Gor then decide where you want to go. If you want to be a kajira or bond, I suggest you attend kajira/bond classes and learn what it takes to be a slave serve the Free. SL Gor has embraced and refined a lot of the IRC Gor chat room creation and onlinisms, which there is much arguement over what is acceptable behavior for a slave. The person(s), who messaged you may not be what you think is Gorean. IMs are usually OOC...a place to get to know whether the situation is good for you both. Also, it helps to determine if you are looking for a "By The Book" adventure, which try to follow the books; however, be aware that EVERYONE has their OWN ideas what is and isn't Gorean. At times there are very heated arguements over that subject. Also, you have the "Gor Evolved" crowdwho allow things like women or slaves being allowed fight; thus, you have a whole new set of arguements between the BTB and the GE crowd. SL Gor is just so much fun sometimes!
  4. Just do a search for key words like you mentioned and start TPing around to places that look interesting to you at the time. Look at the lesser traffic places. Oftentimes, people will discount the less trafficed RP areas, which often have some of the best RP. If no one is around, try visiting at different times or, contacting the mods/admins to see if there is a really good time to RP in a place. Some sims are expressly more European or American populated than others, but that often changes as time goes by as well.
  5. My too cents worth is designers need to go beyond the "standard sizing" someone just happned to decide should be standard. These standards are FAR from standard AV sizes. If you can't or won't alter your AV, which I refuse to do, then these "standard sizes" do not fit causing bad reviews, customer complaints, and in general a loss of revenue.
  6. Has to agree with you, there is absolutely no incentives for creators to create.. Everyone seems to want everything for free, which is well and good for the patron but sucks for the creator who may have to invest money into a creation. Why should you create things for those who want it all free?
  7. Yes, is the default skin from the SL library that is used for all new accounts when they are created for modesty purposes. If you want to get rid of it permanently, you will need to replace with a new skin. Otherwise, use clothing that covers the "undies"
  8. If it has lots of cyclinders, torus, or spheres shapes in the construction of the mesh, it very well indeed could be 77 prims or higher. You might be able reduce it some if you change it from convex hull to none when linked to another prim. Is there any sculpts linked to this item? If so, unlink them and check the LI. Some of the older sculpted objects and run your LI off the scale. You could import the .dae file into blender (or another modeling program) and try to reduce some of the geometry. If someone created this for you as a custom job, contract them to see if they can proved you with a lower LI cost mesh. BUT, be aware whne you start reducing the geometry, not only will it impact the LI but how the mesh may look.
  9. If you do not understand what an application is asking, contact the Administrator or, one of the Moderators of the RP for assistance. Applications in RP sims are to assist the Admins evaluate your RP skills, your character creation skills, and in general where you may fit into any ongoing RP. Plagurizing the work of others...regardless if it was given to you freely or paid for....does not show what you are capable of RP wise. According to the information you posted, it sounds like you do not have the foggiest idea how to role play and interact with other role players. If you need someone to write the scenario for you, you need to go brush up on your creative writing skills If you are accepted into the sim, you may not last very long. Other players will complain or, will avoid you if you cannot hold your own in role play. I am afraid the amount you are offering is like 13 cents in US currency. Definately not worth my time. Do your own work dude. Stop being a lazy tard.
  10. Solution--Stop reading/replying to the threads that whine about the ads.
  11. Woah, Nellie.... it sounds like you know zip about domiance and submission. I think you need to step back and do a bit of research on BDSM and D/s before considing yourself to be a "new dominant", especially if you have to ask "how to dom". Just reading this post sends up so many red flags it is not even funny! It is a very large and complex subject. Talking to a "dom mentor" for a couple of hours does not make another new dom. Before you and/or a submissive get hurt, I suggest you do what an earlier post posted...google it...do some research. Try to understand the subject, then come back and ask.
  12. Likes mesh accessories. Hates mesh clothes because the standard sizes someone created out of the blue air only fit a certain body type. Doesn't buy them, won't wear them, won't change my shape for them.
  13. Only time I see people leave for something or someone else, is if I am boring, if we have nothing in common, see life differently. If that happens, yeah people are gonna drift apart. If people are leaving you to fend for yourself consistently, maybe you need to ask them why . See if there is a pattern you an come up with then change it. Lots of places out there in SL. Plenty of RP and Dance Places. I think someone mentions Builder's Brewery, which is a great place to learn how to build stuff in SL. You could just go to the destinations area and start TPing around to see what you find as well. Worse comes to worse go play you XBox for a few days.
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