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  1. SHX is all fixed now right away by Saii who was VERY helpful and will be working also on updating the RADIOLIST soon for SHX and many other updates maybe....THANK YOU Saii
  2. Went out yesterday after reading this and bought a LASTAT PRODUCTIONS Shoutcast Board. Placed it out on the parcel and no it does NOT work, it is broken like SHX Boards and does not display the current BITRATE/LISTENERS and NO Song Titles. So another L$500 wasted on an item in MARKETPLACE that is not fit for purpose and still being sold !!? After this experience i think it is probably correct that ALL Shoutcast/DJ Boards are broken in those SIMS affected as of now and when the SIM version is rolled to the other SIMS, especially those on Mainland then everywhere in SL all those boards regardles
  3. There has been a change in what my SHX boards are showing after last update..they do not show error 499 anymore they just say "connecting please wait..." for where the song titles would be also i dont now get the number of listeners on the board showing up either ? What do you think please be frank will my SHX boards ever work as they do on the Mainland - there all is still working correctly and i am still at a loss to understand WHY they can work there, yes i know its a different server, and whatever is the problem cannot be put back to what it is in the server version on the Mainland. I noti
  4. All i know with all this talk about scripts and the like is that i STILL have two SHX Boards that are NOT working where in other SIMS they still work perfectly ???? why is it so hard not to have the same software running in all servers ?? I do not, like most other users of SHX Boards, know much about LSL/Scripting and anyway the scripts in the SHX are locked and not editable.
  5. Came and tried my two SHX Boards today and still showing ERROR 499 i see OZ's comment above about having to rollback for some rework and just hope we can get a fix soon for this as i also have a SHX Song Voting Board under my SHX Receivers - those are not working also as they depend on the ability of the Receiver to capture the Song Titles...i live in hope that al can be fixed....it is not good that the SHX owner SAI is not available to help with work to restore the functionability of his products !!
  6. I wonder why products that are effectively no longer supported are still allowed to be sold ? Today you could go buy one of these "broken" Boards and waste your L$$$$ ?? and WHO gets the money you have paid !!! I'm just hoping that OZ and his relations can effect a cure for us all on the servers which are affected by this situaltion and yes the REVERT to the first radio station is part of this prblem as i had to switch this feature off cos my SXH boards were auto-reverting about every 5 minutes even though a valid stream was playing. Can i ask please how long it is gonna be to get a
  7. Yes same for me i got not mail copy that i asked for on the contact form but i have also sent the same mail to Sai as an IM in SL..Yes Whirly my Sim is running on RC Magnum 17.05.23 so i guess its that BUG...hope it will get a fix soon.
  8. Alwin i already tried that "solution" if you read my post...i have RESTARTED the Sim 3 times with no change. the boards have been in position for a LONG time with correct land goup "deeding" . I have written about this issue to SHX Support and hope this can be resolved...any others with this problem since last Wednesday ? So its the SAME problem but not the same SOLUTION for it !
  9. Since last Wednesday i also have the SAME problem with my SHX BOARD - this board has been in place for over 2 years and is deeded and working showing song titles. Now no matter what radio station is played there are no titles just ERROR 499 and also all Dj's too. The other thing i have noticed is that when the AUTO-REVERT option is ON no matter if another station is playing or a DJ is playing after 5 minutes the stream reverts as though there is no stream actually playing. I have tried a brand new board and it is exactly the same, however i have a board on another SIM and that is still working
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