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  1. Re tinies: We used to have Papa Smurf and Smurfette hang out at a club I used to work at. I know both are horny tinies. And I agree child avis are allowed everywhere except for when the naughty stuff is happening.
  2. I did that "buy my clothes to model" when I was a noobie. Found the cheapest outfit I could, and submitted. Simple way to sucker in new people who don't know any better.
  3. Compodulator wrote: http://www.unicef.org/pon96/coname.htm this is an example of what i'm talking about. Since a one word name is meaningless, showing no connection to anyone else, there needs to be a system, which does NOT include a sissified "display name" idea, which, is a FURTHER insult to human rights. the display name is a nickname, a word or several that show your connections in SL, that is true, however, the basic "resident name" as it is still called, is not a respectful option. that is a spit in a person's face. an insult the likes of which only a few have pulled off. I can't believe nobody answered this, other than an LOL. (LOL!!) Compodulator, UNIICEF's, "Right to a Name and Nationality" is referring to REAL PEOPLE, not a game/virtual world/website. The only "rights" you have here are the ones Linden Lab/Second Life gives you. Since we can be anything we want, with many not being human, what rights would UNICEF give the non-human avatars? Also, personally, I *hate* when people come up with "nobody can have a unique name. Compodulator has shown that with enough time, patience and ingenuity, people can still come up with unique names. For the past 15+ years I've been online, any website I've joined, I have managed to come up with a name that doesn't have numbers after it.
  4. Mila Edelman wrote: It really just seems to boil down to the need for attention. The behavior of a woman who used to come to our sim was a perfect example of that. Not only did she have that annoying thing, but she insisted on going to labor in our bar, and asked if she should put out a tip jar. LMFAO!!! I just sprayed diet pepsi through my nose.
  5. If I remember from Phoenix, under Help, there was something called something like "Push/Bumps." It lists who moves you. Not sure on any other viewers. Sorry.
  6. Yes, some delete it without reading it. Then again, for some English isn't their first language. I do agree that was rude. Depending on what your notecard said, the person should've IM'd you.
  7. I doubt you will get free land to set up a hotel business. But, if you look in the real estate forum, maybe you'll find something you like. Also, inworld, you can look under Search/Land. Plug in the space or price you're looking for and jump around until you find something that grabs ya! Good luck!
  8. If you can remember the name of it, at the top of your inventory is a search bar. Type the name of it. It should come up. If you can't, go through your transaction history or order history (marketplace). You can find the name that way. Then do the inventory search. Re the cloud: there are a few fixes. If you do an inventory search for hairbase, wear that & it may change you. Otherwise, a character test, which I don't know what viewer you're on, so I can't even begin to tell you how to start that. But, others probably know it for each viewer. Good luck. Welcome to SL and all its glitches!
  9. I've gotten that email two or three times. Usually from the dances and/or the hair, which was given to me (or I picked upa t freebie places) when I started. Since I tend to be a forum reader, between the forum postings calling for "Ban the copybots," "Don't accept stolen hair/dances/skins" and the ncs you get inworld "Help Protect Intellectual Property".. when I first got that email, it was a kinda "Oh chit, what happened? Are they going to ban me?" All those links are to legal mumbo jumbo that the average new person doesn't want to be bothered reading, because it doesn't say whether or not its going to ban me for having this stuff. So yeah, it is kind of scary if you're new.. or not even new, but not a forum reader and just go along your happy way buying stuff and getting free stuff. By the time I got it for the 3rd time, I just said "oh well" and deleted it. And, before people start screaming "Clean out the stolen crap from your inventory" having had damn near 20k items in the first 3 months of being in SL, I have no clue what the heck those things are named anymore, or even where they're at. I rarely even use that name anymore.
  10. I'm not a fan of "Replace." If you click a folder that's only hair & say *replace* it will take off everything BUT the hair! (If it's a full avatar, in this case, replace would be fine. But, learn to ignore that replace choice. You could end up butt nekkid and bald, only wearing shoes!) The longer you're here, the more comfortable you'll become with it and know whether you like wear or replace. I find its less embarrasing to take off extra stuff than be nekkid in a club and have to add. Also, I've learned the hard way not to open a box and copy AND wear (same as above). Copy it first into your inventory, then find items/folders and click wear. So, if it's a complete avatar, search for the name of the folder. Inside should be what was included in the box. Some people put a box inside of a box, which means you'll have to unpack twice (annoys the crap out of me!). If you are ever wearing a box, its because you need to unpack it. So right click the folder, choose "Wear" Most of all, welcome & have fun.
  11. Look for Happy Hippos and Builders Brewery groups. One or both offer classes on Photoshop, Paintshop, Gimp. Also, google SL clothing tutorials for whichever graphics program you use.
  12. Usually NCI classes gives class notes at the end, which is a transcript of what was said (minus class participation). Continue taking classes, whether its building, scripting, clothes, and find something that clicks. I messed with Paintshop for years, but was scared to try clothing. But, I kept playing with it until I felt comfortable. I'll never enter fashionista territory, but I'm having fun with it.
  13. Are you the same person as the OP? If not, why are they emailing you to ask who you are? I have heard of accounts being put on hold and asking for photo id, maybe because of an AR. In which case, all you'd have to do is email/fax a copy of your driver's license. If your account isn't put on hold, and you can log in, then I'm thinking phishing scam. Only deal with LL/SL from the website, not a link. Your post confused me some.
  14. Coby Foden wrote: As a side note about the amazonian women, very tall and often thin bee waisted, huge butted and huge breasted: They often have AOs which (for some reason) drive me absolutely crazy while looking at them. lol /me thinks they might actually be men trying to appear as "super hot" women... :smileytongue: /me loves her butt & boobs, and am NOT a man, tyvm! :matte-motes-wink-tongue: I also don't use an AO. Hate em. The sexy walk is enough for me.
  15. I don't think most people will just skype anyone they just meet. So, posting something like this for people to post "add me, my skype is ____________" (like a fb game add me) probably won't get a lot of responses. I don't skype, but before I share any of the *real* me (voice, pics, fb rl name) I'd have to know and trust the person. Escorts & their customers probably do the skype thing much quicker. But, they're getting paid/paying for it. I'm assuming one or the other probably deletes that person after their *ahem* transaction is over. Now, if you're posting this for YOUR friends to find and add their info, ignore the above & have fun with it!
  16. Czari Zenovka wrote: I second what Jeanne said. In the recent interview with Oz Linden and Jessica Lyon of Firestorm/Phoenix, it was noted that the LL v2/3 is number 3 in resident use. There wouldn't just be a "temporary bleed off" of residents - there would be a LOT leaving, me included. I absolutely, positively, cannot stomach the LL viewer. I'm not sure if this was prior to the open sourcing, not sure how it could not be otherwise but maybe someone else would know, in 2007 I was using Nicholaz version of the LL 1.x viewers. Whenever LL made an update, Nicholaz soon followed with a viewer that looked identical to the LL viewer, but worked better. So TPV viewers have been around a long time. No flaming here - everyone is entitled to their opinion. Edited because I hit "Post" instead of 'Quote' This discussion was had somewhere else. The consensus there was that if there were no TPVs, people would suck it up & use the LL viewer. While most people love their main viewer, they love SL even more. I haven't used an LL viewer since 1.23
  17. My turn to feel stupid, I NEVER looked at the time zone preferences. I thought about it after I posted my message "I wonder if they have..." /me puts on dunce cap to sit in the corner.
  18. If you look at the time of your post, or most recent posts, it will tell you the time in SLT.
  19. Yep. There are loads of people who swear that if you ask where they got something from, that you'll find their spot and buy the same clothes and look just like them. I know quite a few who do the same thing in RL.
  20. Love vampires! Have loved them since I was a little girl watching Bela Lugosi's & Christopher Lee's Dracula. Not a fan of the Twilight crew. More a Lestat groupie, and Eric from True Blood, and Vampire Diaries. When I came here & heard about vampires, I thought "cool!" But, the way the new user places played them up as being griefer-like (spammy), put me off. I don't have time to pay for some game to rack up points and annoy people Though, I wouldn't mind dressing up as one.
  21. Drakeo wrote: Dean I when abandoning the land the intan was not returned to my inventory. there is some other minor objects also. the object named Drakeo's Heart Dance intan was not returned to my inventory. I have searched everywhere piece by piece over 8000 pieces of inventory. 2012-04-24 1 You abandoned property and things were auto-returned. Look in your Lost & Found folder. You will see a "tetris" like box (coalesced) or a few like that. What this means is they were all returned to you in a bundle. You will need to go to a sandbox or another place where you have rez rights. You can then rez the items and take them back into your inventory one at a time.
  22. Welcome! Just like any other website, you'll make friends. Some good, some not. Some will share their RL with you (facebook, skype, etc.), some won't. Some will only keep it within SL. Real friendships take time to develop. Just have fun, and believe half of what you hear/read, until you know them better.
  23. Sorry, it sucks, but you were had. LL won't get involved.
  24. If you mean to the Events Calendar, the same way you get to the forum. Go to the Community tab, then events. Submit new event. Then just enter your info. Iff you have "Event Posting" capabilities for that locations, it will be listed in the drop down menu.
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