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  1. For most of what I write, the person needs to be nearby, I will store the key, the realname and the display name. I will use display name for hovertext and dialog, but for comparisions it will be the key, and in the event of dispute i will produce the reall name. eg; they select Julie from the dialog, my key doesnt match the Julie that is nearby, so iI can then pop up a message saying i mean this Julie and give the reall name.
  2. Agreed, but for a gift Vendor. I want to buy it for Julie Which Julie ?
  3. To be honest, since the introduction of display names I think name2key is a non starter.
  4. There is an open source chess board availiable by bUTTONpUSHER Jones. I have passed you a copy in world.
  5. I think there is a way to do this, but there are certain things to watch out for. Create two prims, set one to the group you want to recive the gifts, then put a script similar to this in it
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