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  1. Lol they'd still figure out a way to panic
  2. Whew, I down right nearly blew a blood vessel! I do wish LL would use person speech, the lawyer lingo is murder... I have, let's call them, educational issues due to disabilities. I was down right mad and panicking till I perused the comments. Took me a while till I realized it's not for people who don't make a living from Lindens to Real money... At least for now~
  3. This is for people withdrawing money from second life. Not adding money.
  4. well, there are a few ways i would go about getting around the foolish owner to fix it. 1. contact who ever 'owns' the land, as in whoever the region belongs to if possible. im not quite sure if thats a viable option, since most of the land i own are private islands that belong to one person or another. 2. if you have parcle access rights, remove them from the list of allowed groups, or set it to no access. if they complain, simply return the same reply they gave you. and ask them to configure the damn thing properly. if they do, remove the acess restrictions. i dono, im just tossing
  5. Kaiden.Naxos wrote: The error it gave you was that you're actually fourteen and not allowed in Adult sims. The only way to fix that is to wait another four years and try again. No dog sex sims for you LOL!
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