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  1. My Dell Inspiron with Nvidia graphic card is about to die, and I have to replace it.

    Problem is that I can't afford one with another Nvidia.... budget being £300/£400.

    I've asked for advice but got all sorts of conflicting comments.... get dell, get asus, get nvidia, don't worry about nvidia etc.

    Main question is.... do you NEED a dedicated graphic card or will an integrated work? If so which one?

    I'm getting sick of it actually... :matte-motes-sick:


    Soooo, as a summary, if you can help me with choosing:

    - laptop 15" or bigger

    - OS windows 7 or 8

    - graphic card that supports sl viewer/firestorm

    - budget £300/£400

    I'm in UK, I'd appreciate any concrete advice priced in £, in return, I will throw a few Lindens your way :)

    Thanks everyone !

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