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  1. Just happened to me as well. I couldn't TP anywhere and my connection meter was going crazy so I logged out to try again and now I can't log in for the same reason. When I try to log onto the website it redirects me to server status page only. The servers are possibly having a hiccup right now.
  2. Unfortunately as an Nvidia user, I too have been having this issue. After the recent windows 10 update I can either stay in SL but am forced to look at your example above or I crash instantly after logging in. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the official SL viewer several times, the firestorm viewer more times than I can count and have tried 6 different drivers trying to get SL to work properly. Mind you each of those is a fresh uninstall and reinstall with restarts inbetween. I've also reset all preferences in each viewer to no avail. So this time it's not just isolated to AMD. I think its a windows 10 issue with drivers from both green and red team.
  3. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: If you have a AMD or ATI graphics card and recently updated drivers, revert to your previous driver or turn off hardware skinning in your Graphics Preferences general tab. The latest drivers have bugs that cause it. THIS! Thanks a bunch. I was wondering all day and night what could be causing this. Was bugging me to no end and realized I just updated my drivers. Stupid AMD!
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