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  1. Thanks - yes, it does suck, but I understand it's the way things are headed and I know the reasons about server storage, blah blah. I'm also a fan of v2 since it took me so damn long to get used to it, and I persevered until I got the hang of it, that I'm reluctant to give it up now.
  2. Thanks, Peewee - does Kirstens and Firestorm use v2 UI? I would go over to Phoenix as I was a fan of Emerald until they went evil, but from what I've seen Phoenix is still using a v1 interface and I don't think I could remember how to do that anymore! Besides, I've noticed that when my rl partner is using Phoenix, it really seems to chew up the bandwidth, but I could be imagining that.
  3. Okay, so I was unhappy with the browser-based profiles when I tried v2.5, so I retro-installed v2.4 just so I could have the ease and joy of profiles without all that screen wastage and time delay. At the same time, I blocked my web profile so I'm 'unsearchable' due to the limited privacy options available at the time ... and that has been a bit of a pain in the neck since I get a few IMs telling me I don't exist ... which is somewhat surreal at times. I haven't been following the wiki or forums, but I see there's a new v2.6 which I wouldn't mind trying *if* it doesn't have the browser-based profiles. Can someone let me know if there's a work-around so you don't load profiles via browser for v2.5 or if they put that option in v2.6 please? Otherwise, I'm sticking with v2.4 and to heck with bouncing boobs! Oh, and I'm using a Mac on OSX 10.6.7 if that makes any difference. Cheers Naerose
  4. Thanks for the hints. So, there's a good chance I've put it in my house somewhere, literally in a piece of my house. Next question is this: if my house is full of linked prims and scripts that only work when the prims are linked, is there an easy way to check each prim without unlinking them? I did that once when I accidentally took half of it back into inventory after linking it to a snowman I made (don't ask) and then when i re-rezzed it, none of the door scripts would work (horrible - couldn't get into my own house) and I ended up scrapping the house and having to use the auto-rezzer to start again. Hmm ... having written that, I guess the easy answer is to unlink the house prims, check each one for the bits I'm missing out of inventory, then get the autorezzer out and start again with the house - it's not that hard to do - just lining it up with all the furniture is a pain in the neck. Hmm ... or I can just buy the damn Valentine's Day present for myself and not say a word to the gifter. 5 mins and x dollars of lindens vs 60 mins of time. *sigh*
  5. Okay, this is the 2nd time I've done this - accidentally tried to drag n drop a folder onto my land instead of the object inside it for unpacking.  Last time, I couldn't find anything that used to be in the folder - the folder's still in inventory, just empty.  This time, surprise, surprise, same thing.  Grrr ... this one was a gift though and I'm annoyed.  Is there any way to the object back that was inside the folder?  I can't do lost n found because it's my land so it won't auto-return.  Any thoughts, or should I just go and quietly buy a replacement while the gift giver isn't looking?
  6. Thanks heaps - exactly what I was looking for! Much appreciated.
  7. Hi there I'm a complete dunce - I remember reading about where you can download special SL av dummies/templates/whatever to use in DAZ but I can't find either the thread or the link anywhere.  Could someone remind me where it was again please? Thanks
  8. yeah, I get that one in-world a lot. I'll just be standing there, doing sweet f-all on my own land and all of a sudden i get the blue pop-up with the exact same spam as you in it. I just ignore it, but it's a bit bloody irritating. Have also been spammed with porn stuff recently too. No idea how they're doing it either - i'm clear of all possible spam objects ... I think. If anyone wants to say what a spam object looks like in inventory that would be useful so I can check again.
  9. Hi there Thanks for the responses. I guess I was being optimistic about being able to see if she had an alt with the same UUID, but I'm hearing that's not the case and that it's entirely random that there's the word "dead" in there. *sigh* This is the problem, isn't it? People just disappear and we never know. Oh well ...
  10. Hi there Probably the wrong place to post, but I'm curious about the UUID thing.  I read in another posting that UUID might be attached to the computer, not the av name.  What I want to know is whether it is significant if an Av's UUID has (literally) the word "dead" in it? Context - I have a friend, disappeared about a month ago.  She was hardcore - online 12+ hours a day - recreational user, not a builder or a business.  Now, poof ... just gone without a word to anyone and none of her friends know.  I thought the UUID might be a way of working something out and it was kind of weird to see the word "dead" in there.  I check my UUID and there's no words - just random numbers and letters.  Could be just a coincidence, perhaps?  Pretty freaky one, though - especially when this is someone who talked av suicide a bit before she disappeared.
  11. Thanks, Unklebob - I followed the thread and got it happening. Useful, but also a little irritating with all those crosshairs in my face! Oh well ... I'll just have to make sure I wear *all* parts of my clothing when i go out so there's nothing interesting to be perved at!
  12. Oh hohohoho - I am *so* hiring you for my next party!
  13. Yeppers - as a noob, I was constantly wandering into / watching stuff that I now know was probably people's private things. Oooh - here's a door, let's click on it and see what happens, and so on. Met a lotta nice people that way who explained privacy and space to me in very polite language ... oh and the guy who wanted my feet, but that's another story. What it also did was reinforce to me that if i wanted privacy on my own land, I would need to enforce it somehow - hence the excessive security orbs, ban lines and so forth. Edit: And, Unklebob - how do i get an invite to those parties????? Message was edited by: Naerose Eiren
  14. Hi Unklebob Now I feel like I'm stalking you through the blogs, but I'm really interested in this "look at" function. I had a quick logon today (I also have a boring job with a bit of online freedom - LOL) and all I could see the "look at" thing doing is giving me cross-hairs so i can be more accurate with my selection beam. Maybe I'm missing something, but any more information hugely appreciated.
  15. Simple answer - yes. Go to your dashboard, click on manage under linden exchange down the side bar, then select billing/trading limits - tells you what limits apply to you, based on your SL age.
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