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  1. STUDIO 777 is Second Life's premier Skill Gaming and Entertanment resort - In business since 2009, Our 3-sim facility offers more types of resort-style entertainment than any single location in SL. - In addition to a broad selection of approved skill games and shopping opportunities - we run TREASURE Nightclub -a state of the art venue at the heart of the STUDIO 777 Dome. TREASURE is looking for experienced, established DJs with a documented and developed following and an active DJ group. TREASURE runs nightly two hour events to promote and introduce new guests to our resort, and to retain
  2. I was almost angry about the time I wasted reading your post - then I realized that this had to be one of those absurd parody things like The Onion - with the object of the parody being grievance-oriented oldbie Second Life trolls. Thanks for the laugh!
  3. The performance improvements are REAL, and the'yre reproducible all over the grid, and they dramatically affect user experience in a very positive way. The combination of CDN and HTTP Pipelining, better caching, Interest List processing, and Server Side Avatar baking have all combined to move SL closer to state of the art than they've ever been. In fact when you consider that all the content is user-generated and streaming into the scene... a really significant achievement. I still stlll smile when I tp into a sim that used to take a ridiculous amount of time to even start rezzing, and it "s
  4. Ebbe, I have somewhere on 3 1/2 inch floppy a backup of an AWESOME Diablo II character....so my question to you - since SL has combat-style games, and since Diablo II has combat, and since you used to work for Microsoft who used to own Blizzard who used to make Diablo II... I simply cannot understand why you cannot guarantee that my Diablo II character will work in your new world. <GRIN>
  5. HUNDREDS of applications development companies and organizations hit development targets every year - you just don't HEAR about it. The big failures are fun to talk about - the successes and on-time completions - not so much. Ebbe's pedigree encourages me in this area.
  6. Ebbe, Thanks for your patience as people process this - don't know that I could do the same. Your straightforward answers are appreciated too. To show that appreciation I (and I think quite a few others) would like to know what questions YOU would like users to answer about this? What input would help you make strategic decisions or tactical moves based on what users think? ( vs what issues some like to lecture about.) Despite appearances, there are a lot of smart people here who don't value ranting and who would give you useful answers if you have a question or two you'd like to throw out
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