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  1. I agree with Bree on the 'unique' factor. I use both male and female Catwa heads and applier skins (where some of the skins are not available anymore). I think it also depends on what you want to do with the head in the moment, and even mixing the head up with different shapes can make a difference for me depending on the day or mood.

  2. 12 hours ago, Eddy Vortex said:

    It's completely mesmerizing; I like this a lot. This was all show inworld?  Most machinima I've seen are flat and meh.  Your video blows all of them out of the water.

    I had Fraps running at the time and had let the game go into auto-run. If I could get those frame rates and even focus in Second Life I'd be lucky if I didn't crash lol.

    the somersaults are funny and sort of metaphorical (atleast to me) and I personally love to get ideas from similar platforms that could be translated into SL. 

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  3. I can definitely agree with all the above. Unsolicited TP's used to get me very annoyed, and then I realized 'two can play this game'.

    I make very effective large spider avatars, and if a TP offer pops up on my screen for no good reason, I simply accept the TP and the sit back and let the avatar do the rest. (also helps to avoid unwanted friending or unwanted advances :) ).

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  4. 2 hours ago, Charalyne Blackwood said:

    If you have land, or access to a skybox, your framerate will improve with altitude. Way less that the system to draw. Most of my pics on my Flickr were taken at my sky platform 1250 meters up

    I just wanted to add, also after you log in or are at your photo set up, hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift and hit 3, 0, and - to eliminate things you don't need drawn in your scene (like Linden Tree, clouds, etc) i've even turned off ground and water when doing sky high photos  to give textures a better chance to rezz.

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  5. If you are using the object for photos, then clearly you don't need 'real' shadows (good try LL). I would suggest taking the object in question and putting them on a green screen back drop, taking a pic of them saved to your system.

    Open up in Photoshop, Gimp, etc. and create a black and white composite mask of the object (the object should be black with a transparent background at this point).

    upload saved object mask picture and apply to a prim, flatten and adjust the texture (opacticity/ transparency, scale etc.) of the masked object behind the object(s) to simulate the shadows on the floor. Plus, you can reduce the drop in frame rate from having advanced lighting turned off for the final pic (you could use the shadow option from Advanced lighting as a guide temporarily to see where to place the created shadow mask objects).

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