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  1. Whoo..! it's a fun little romp - i didn't realize just how many corners of the region i hadn't explored before ^__^ Thanks Kat!
  2. That's like saying 'ohh man, I'm gonna be a victim of this delicious ice cream sandwich!' it was a lovely ride. And much cleaner than his house, our poor Slenderfella has just spilled like.. ALL the cranberry sauce in that place, stains everywhere!
  3. I used to live in Deno! My very first LH, livin' at the top of the squishy pickle. Gave it up for a vic but I gotta admit, I miss the open sea. Depending on where these new stilt homes land, maybe I'll roll the dice again..!
  4. I've swapped through all 4 of them over my time living in Dunbar and Banebury, but I always wind up back in the Shelly. It's a nice comfy balance of space and I'm fond of the design.
  5. Letting go of a lovely corner cabin in Jarka - Right now the view is STUNNING, but I cant' stand not knowing if the Lindens are going to build up a row of houses between it and the lake.
  6. I think it would be super clever of the Moles to design a combo underwater/sky region. you have your little plot of land that extends forever vertically. Half the home options could be mer-themed, coral caves or sunken ships or sealabs.. and the other half could be fancy floating islands above the clouds. That would leave huge spaces of open water and airspace for boats and planes to travel, a really cool floating city in the sky (fantasy but out of view, keeping Belli aesthetically in theme), and a bounty of underwater adventure for the mer community. A Win-Win-Win!
  7. Hello. Hello! Yes. This topic is incredibly fascinating to me. ..to the extent that I just wrote like three pages of crazy passionate ranting on the nature of multiplicity and perceptual reality (and then erased it all to not drown everyone in text walls 😛) In terms of SL.. I am similar but different to your perspective. Multiple versions of 'me', but instead of dividing along alt lines, I roleplayed in a doctor who RP years ago and was introduced to the concept of 'regenerations' - different bodies, different forms and personalities, but with a shared history and memories. The RP ended years ago, but these different Kelli Vooms all live on, and I 'feel' them when I'm being them, you know? Expressions of different facets of me. Bodies that allow that particular expression to grow more unique and confident and over time. I believe everyone has this to a certain extent, everyone kinda falls on a spectrum of multiplicity, even if we're not perceiving it that way. Like, the version of you that goes clubbing with friends is a very different facet of you than the one who attends church with grandma, for instance. Or imaginary friends as a child (or adult, no judgments :P) Or the little voice in your head, the angel/devil on your shoulder - different names for the same thing, being expressed in different ways. End of the day, we are all a collection of stories, of drives and impulses and ideations (many of them contradictory), crammed into one meat puppet and told to be one thing. When environments like SL provide a more boundless scaffold, it opens the door to those new possibilities. we can 'stretch out a little' 🙂
  8. A growing conspiracy, you say..? ALIENS, you say? ...oh, you didn't say? well I heard it anyway *Mulder smolder intensifies*
  9. Maybe that's just the slender-presence corrupting the normally light, fluffy easter bunny into something darker and slender-er, with twisty tentacle-like ears 😛
  10. I care what it says. I care quite emphatically. Words have a rippling power to them and my friends and family in RL have been caused a lot of suffering due to patriotic statements growing into xenophobia, distrust, outright hate. But that said - I agree with Alwin. I see a lot of similar presumption and exclusion on 'my side of the fence', and while it'd certainly be easier for me to just hate a whole group of people who seem hateful right back, it's sort of missing out a chunk of humanity in the process. I don't want eye for an eye, dehumanizing label for dehumanizing label. I want mediation, empathy, compromise. That'd be.. really refreshing. I can't stand Trump, personally, and I think he has promoted dangerous ideologies and made the world a whole lot less friendly for me and the ones I love. I also think many people supported or continue to support him for reasons other than hate - some out of fear for their livelihoods, or a desire to be heard, or a desire to 'shake up' the system. Canceling friends and family who support Trump only divides them from me further. I can't expect them to attempt to understand how I feel if I refuse to attempt understanding for their point of view. I personally think this signage was intended to ruffle feathers, as it has done in this chat. It certainly ruffled mine when I came across it myself a week ago. But as much as I personally would desire it to come down, I desire more to live in a community of communication, expression, creativity, without censorship or double standards on either/any side.
  11. May that fluffy orange spirit find peace 🙂 The first gravestone in Belli, in memory of that mysterious spectre
  12. I think a lot of people are sleeping on the border areas because they are so empty right now, but I imagine the moles will be converting into rich forested areas with all sorts of natural wonders. Not every Belli location is meant to be waterfront, and the woods are lovely, dark and deep, with all sorts of beautiful scenery. 🙂 I think maybe once the shiny has worn off a bit, a lot of people yearning for ocean views or large open waters might find their way back to a lot of the now available Victorians - So many great options between the new ones and beautiful abandons.
  13. I'm sure there's a veritable library of Belli arcana waiting to be uncovered - but this is Slendie's thread, I don't wanna derail it, not the time or place to track those critters down ^__^
  14. I'm sure he'd love that! Really puttin' the man in Slenderman. But if Slendie can't appreciate me with my clothes on, I think it's time my eldritch heart moves on to other unspeakable entities 😛
  15. oooOOOhhHHH I see how it is - Slenderman doesn't hug or dance or pay you any mind - *unless* you're a blondie in a microbikini
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