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  1. I have not visited Midsomer in quite some time. Now that I know there is a coffee house there, I am going to, the next time I log in, give it a visit. I enjoy these forums for learning what is new in the world.
  2. While technically I have not started over I have however changed my attitude about SL. I think it happens to all of us to some degree that at first we are filled with wonder in this new world and become emotionally attached to the people of the opposite sex with whom we have become close to by sharing out lives with each other. When chatting becomes boring I visit and explore new sims. There are so many mind-blowing places in Second Life that fill me with wonder that someone has the skill and artistry to create something virtual that has a visceral impact on me. I try to stay connected with
  3. Contrary to what some have said about me, I am not against business owners in Second Life. For what it is worth business owners resist change to Second Life. For a business to survive, there has to be a thriving economy. If the sign up rate begins to be less than the drop out rate in SL, business owners will suffer do to the lack of new consumers of their products. Contrary to belief of these conservative business leaders, I believe the ability to have Display Names will tend to vitalize the consumer base which is so important to the success of business. For business owners to oppose change t
  4. I do not discount that such things happen already. I do not discount that an impersonation can take place. I do say, it is an unfair world we live in. Those of us who get it, accept what we can, change what we can. Fro those those who can't, the world is always unfair, and what Linden Labs will roll out is unfair, only because of the potential. What I dislike is this potential problem being exaggerated as if it is going to be a major problem If you swim with sharks, you have to know how to bite and feed with them. As far as making real life money in SL, yes, a small minority depend on
  5. Axi, I agree with most of what you say. Your arguement in the end, is a presumption I find hard to take. As I understand Second Life, very, very few people are famous grid-wide. While any sim owner with high traffic can number thousands of unique visitors weekly, of those visitors, only small percentage actually know who owns the sim, so that sim owner isn't as famous as they might think. Second Life is so vast that as I see it, there are many big fish in small ponds in Second Life. One person I can say is grid-wide famous is Craig Altman. I bet a majority of people here would not know who h
  6. Ok, something is confusing me. New folks when they sign up, will they be able to choose a duplicate USER NAME as someone already in SL? According to one of the LL wikis I read, our user name is our account name; I assume that they will continue to be unique based on LL naming rules. Since Display Name will be distinct, what is all the ruckus about people duplicating a user name with their display name? I still think it will be quickly obvious to most citizens who have at least a few weeks in SL, that a person's display name can be anything, and won't be conned into thinking they are imperson
  7. Anita, you said this: By giving the opportunity to frequently change the name, shipholders clubowners and managers will get problems and will be griefed. If get tired of that they will leave SL..then what???? If they loose confidence in LL because of namegrieving??? I believe it will be obviously different; your User Name, will be different than the identical Display Name. For arguments sake, too many, "ifs," used dilutes your position. It is all supposition after all. I disagree that just because of having Display Names will cause more grief. I can understand the problems you have wit
  8. Frankly, I think Display Names will make many citizens have more fun in Second Life. I do not think the vast majority will pick a name to impersonate someone. Now business owners in Second Life are the ones that are most afraid of the coming of Display Names. Most folks in Second Life are consumers, so when it gets down to it, the minority here are business owners are the ones that are most afraid of change. Change, however, is a constant, and in spite of the doom and gloom of the suppositions that many people are going to deliberately impersonate someone to ruin their name or business, I do n
  9. Why did you give your Alt your real life name? OH, wait, you gave it the same Second Life user name. Oh dear, so does this mean your alt is going to go grief your real name? Wait, wait.. don't tell me, you think I am being sarcastic. Until the world functions for a few months with Display Names in the wild, none of us KNOW how it will be. Actually, if you do, I think Linden Labs would love to have you in their employ. I think Linden Labs experiments with changes. I would advise you to go about your business in SL and not worry so much. Worry can cause your blood pressure to rise, making Seco
  10. Ok, folks, you are making this up. Having a DISPLAY NAME that happens to be the same as someone's USER NAME, is not, in any way, shape or form, IMPERSONATION of that avatar who has that user name. It is an assumption that someone is going to malaciously choose an existing vendor's name with the intent to ruin that person's reputation. If you are so paranoid to think this is going to be widespread and the destruction of Second Life as we know it, then get out of the game. Let's use some common sense. A new person in SL isn't going to know the reputation of someone who has been in SL a long t
  11. @ Jack Linden Tell us please why Linden Labs doesn't just post a survey with all the citizens of SL to find out if they want a particular feature or not? This Display Names feature has created a strong negative reaction with a lot of folks. I think most people will go with the majority. Is there fear that the majority of citizenry are wrong? Is this the reason why there won't be a survey? As I see it, many citizens have voted with their feet to go to TPV for the reason that they find the added options make their Second Life more enjoyable. Most of the TPV developers added those features tha
  12. @ Coby, since the load on a simulator is proportional to the number of avatars, and the amount of data that can be sent to each user quickly enough is limited, there is a natural limit that only can be fixed by a faster internet, when it gets down to it and every user having a very fast computer. Think about it this way, digital movies have much higher resolution graphics; it takes many hours to render a movie on very high end hardware. To make this world realistic as possible, with real time updates to every avatar motion, transaction, active script and clothing change to every avatar within
  13. @insight I don't know about you, but i haven't met anybody in-world that actually liked the idea... maybe you just hang out with a different kind of people i dont know... I don't know what people think. That is why I think there should be a poll that Linden labs puts out. I mean if the Linden Labs people really want to know what we think, wouldn't that be the logical way to find out? Put a poll on the login page.
  14. Why don't we vote on it, via the log on screen popup LL some times do?? Then we will see who wants what!!! This is an outstanding idea. I would add that the poll rules should be posted as well, and that it run long enough that we do get a large enough sample of the entire population. To make it fair, though, first everyone would have to be directed to a page with just the facts of the proposed change because it is my experience a lot of folks have no idea there are even blogs and web boards related to SL and don't care. If you ask around, it amazes me how many people click through the login
  15. Is it not an assumption that a majority do not want this? If one bases the number of negative posts here, it is missing the fact that there are quite a few people with multiple posts. If you take the number of people who post negatively here, compared to the average number of people inworld every day, this is such a tiny percentage it is far from being even called a minority of people. It is clear to most people that those who dislike something are the most vociferous about it. Those who don't care don't post and those who are passionately for it, will post in opposition. One can't take th
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