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  1. I have had items show up with no name on my "Manage Listings" page. I have found that if you preview the item, you can check which item it is via the contents tab, and then edit/change the listing name to match. You can then click [update] to fix the name, and proceed normaly after that.
  2. I noticed another issue with using autofill: "Items will show up in searches that apply to the listing that was used to autofill but do Not apply to the current item it self." (Note: Searches that do apply still work.)
  3. It is still happening! But the Jira apears to have been closed, with final note to contact support. Previous experince leads me to expect that, anyone going to support with this issue will likley be told "to file a Jira". *sigh* The best work around is to imediatly check the listing after updating a product, and then fix the listing.
  4. I do not know about anyone else, but I will probaly mostly be going back to boxed items that need to be unpacked when this happens. I do not generally keep the unboxed folders in my inventory but do keep the boxed version to be sold in world either as is or in an inworld vending device. I have enough stuff in my invemtory as it is. There for except for indvidual rezzable objects most of my items will be reverting to "needs to be unpacked"! Additionally I am woried about accidently chaging permsions on items for sale from inventory. As it is now you check items when you send it to the marketplace and double check it in preview and they stay the way you sent them, period. I can see the new set up causing a lot more items getting released to the wild with wrong permissions. Also exzactly how sperate will sales folder be from the rest of out inventory, weedo not wan to set the wrong stuff for sale.
  5. Or add a filter to search for or filter out demos, like you can filter for perms. I would also like to sew a filter for Mesh or non-Mesh, but that is another issue.
  6. The most common bad review I see is, "Item was not delivered". which is a marketplace falure and not a reflection on the product, and is usualy not chagred for or auto refunded when the transaction fails. If for some reason the buyer is charged they need to file for a refund via LL not the seller who almost always has not gotten paid when this happens. most smiply do not relize they were not charged. Also as far as I can tell a bad review is beter then no review it seems to still increase the items rankining, of course a good review is better. It is however hard to be sure the way the marketplace software works. Something else I have noticed is that most people do not leave a review unless they absolutly love an item ot have a problem. which means most people do not rate items. Under the old sytem buyers use to be able to rate an item with out making a text comment and signing it, and people did do so, now that is not posble so most people do not bother. Also ther use to be a feature that would show you items that you had purchased and had not yet rated that also encoraged buyers to do so. This feature was dropped the result is that practically no one rates anything anymore.
  7. Previously I have smiply relisted items that were erroneously removed, if somone is maliciously flaging an item you need to file an AR.
  8. Are there any other significant changes? In plain everyday English please. Most of us can't read legalese, well we can read it but understanding it is something else. And I figure I am probably bit above average in following it, still it confuses me.
  9. That is kind of what I figured though I dont 'know' the LL back end, "They dont have the ablity". But they must have people who can implment it. Sombody should also realize its even easyer for LL in the long run. Easyer then: LL delists, merchat guesses at problem and relists, LL delists again, merchat trys again, rince repeat etc etc.
  10. What i do not under stand is why LL can not incude a mesage to the mechant on what is wrong. I am sure they could even partaly automate for less work on their end just click few check boxes, "wrong catagory" and type in the corect one, "Inapropriate Keywords(please check)" maybe type in which ones, "Should be Marked Adult". its almosy childish that they just remove them without notifyng you why.
  11. As part of the Vortex Help Staff. I have made the following compromise suggetion several time, actual powers would be better. Since LL does not seem to want to give out any actual powers: Bump ARs at Vortex from Vortex Staff Members to the top of the queue, or give us special chanel(method) to call for help. And the same for any other LL public locatons with a caretaker group. I am sure this could be automated.
  12. It is one of the Oracul ones. I belleive the main Avatar currently assiociated wih those now is "daiz Papp" The in world shop also sells loose animation to make your own custom sets.
  13. try "wearing" one and then "Adding" the other -> "Add Item". It sounds like they may possbly be worn on the same atachment point. This is just a guess.
  14. The "Oracul" AOs generaly contain each animation in 3 diffrent version for 3 diffrent avatar sizes, labled as "child", "teen" & "adult" you choose which size best fits your AV and load that set via the menu. . P.S. note: The designation as child teen or adult is based on the incorrect(for actual avatar size) "agent height" measurement not actual prim measured height.
  15. There is also an as yet unfixed bug with "Female" shapes related to the "Torso Muscles" setting. This the setting that control arm thickness. If the setting for this under "Female" & "Male" is not identical then, when wearing a "Female" form it will randomly display wrongly to you and or other veiwing you. If you want a detailed step by step fix for that I wil post it.
  16. it depends som what on what veiwer you are using. Assuming you are using one of the newers ones or the curent LL default one. (the older ones do not have add) Wear, Add, wear items, add item, replace outfit all behave some what diffrently. "Wear" will generally replace individual item. Also meaning if you do that with a full folder it will only replace items worn on the same place, leaving everything else alone "Add" will add and adtional item to the same place. that is what causes 2 hairs to be worn at once. "Replace Outfit" will make you wear everything in th folder but will also remove evrything else you have on including Huds and AOs. Except If the folder does not contain "skin" "shape" "eyes" & "BaseHair(baldy)" it will leave those on.
  17. I think thats is the "Ari Gato AO". It was a promotional freebie. You could try sending a note to the creator saying you would like to buy one.
  18. I never did get why LL thought the addtionof display names meant that last names were no longer needed . The orginal last name sytem must have been implimented for some reason, likely all the same reasons everyone complains now. I don't get why making up your own last name rather then choosing from a list(like it use to be) was not done. . My suggestion, if i could talk to newbs before they made there names would be to do like the following example. - User Name: johnsmith - Display Name: John Smith With something obviously more unique then "John Smith" tho.
  19. Search is preformed on: the "name"(title) the item is listed under, the text in "features" & the "keywords" in the hiden keywords box. The body of the the desciption text is not searched. However the Marketplace "Terms of Sevice" still contains rule about what you can have in the description because of it's effect on search. Who ever at LL wrote the current Marketplace TOS seems unaware of the difrence between the Marketplace & the old Xstreet system.
  20. So in other words; it is deliberate and they are hoping people won't be able really to see how bad they are doing?
  21. The fact that you can no longer rate an item you bought with out also leaving a signed review means you only get the most exteeme ratings normaly, that means those who are mad or those who are absoloutly delighted. Just something to think about.
  22. Gee guess I need to be banned too. /me head off to make an extra account ahead of time
  23. Somethings to consider: Requiring every one to make every little bit of content that goes into a finished product from scratch would severly limit content. To the point of there being nearly none. There are so many diffrent parts and skills need to make many things(textures,sculpts, sculpt maps, mesh, scripts, prims,animations, etc) people often can not do them all, assuming they wan to take the tim to reinvent the wheel. Requiring everyone to start from scratch would also put resource creators ouf of buisness. Buy from long time estblished source only? Ok, then how does anyone get started? What happens as old places close down and there are no no ones. no one sticks around forever SL has a rather high turn over rate. How do you tell the resouces you bought were legit? There doesn't seem to be any sort of refrence list, for either legit or non legit resources. Many have no idea something they are using maybe stolen, plenty do. You may have som your self & not know it. Its a major problem. But how do we fix it? Everyone build form scratch does not sem viable, so what is the answer?
  24. Good question. I have no idea where to send them either. I wish LL would give us a submit sugestions route of some sort. Other then posting here, we seem to have either "Help(Support) Tickets" or "Jira" neither of which seems to like pure sugestions, they just get thrown out. A few things I have noticed: 1) what you metioned items listed in mutiple locations & the need for more sub-catagories. One posble solution would be to cros index those another would be a link on this pages to the other related catagory. 2) The behavior of searching best selling is not what users expect. I am not sure if this a is a bug or a design flaw, or if possibly users need a better explination of what "best selling" means in search. it certainly does not match what we see in our shop statistics under best selling. 3) Merchants could use better statistics info oganized in more useful ways, 4) there should be a directway to flag a transaction from marketplace records as needing to be investigated from LLs end other then making a suport ticket under the genral help section. 5) a method to filter out certain results from search, demos being one example. These are just few examples.
  25. To: LL Marketplace division. Can we please get some more useful Marketplace statistics info? While all time figures for best selling & Most searched are intresting and of some use for seing over all sucess, Also having the same info over for just the past week or month would be of more use to merchants on maintaing their shops and planning future & current marketing stratagy. . PS. I have noticed that the current sytem of "all time figures" seems to take longer and longer to load. If this is caculated on the fly it may be one of the things slowing the Marketplace site down. Maybe somone should look in to that.
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