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  1. Embarrassing because after 10 all these years I should have figured this out -but I haven't, so here we go. How do photographers approach making snapshots with more than one avatar? I mean people who regularly post photographs on social media etc. I'm posting this in adult for a reason -I mean for "adult" photos specifically (though it would be good to know simply "as a general rule" too). Do people hire models? Send out ads? Do they mostly use alts? Is it a mix of all of the above? Is there a right or better way to approach this? Thanks for your answers!
  2. No, obviously. I mean, what kind of obnoxious, annoying orange narcissist would you have to be to say "yes, I am absolutely enthralling to watch"?
  3. vmware is a possible solution; but if your computer is old enough to need XP it's probably not a viable solution. Still, on some CPUs etc it can run the SL viewer (on medium or high graphics, I forget which). I made my first account (now an alt) in 2005, this account in 2008; but only really got into the game in nov 2009.
  4. :qft: Also, i think HIPPA compliance would be another consideration (which, as far as I'm aware of, is essentially impossible in SL).
  5. I originally joined in 2005, and wound up cancelling after seeing my mentor get stalked and creeped on. So ...yeah....
  6. I figured they'd end up closing eventually -but not this soon and not like this. I was pretty surprised to hear this. BTW, there's always Dreamworldz for @Phorumities and others when SL closes. But hopefully a practical next-gen platform will emerge between now and then (Sansar and High Fidelity are not it, IMO!)
  7. It was worth what I paid for it; in terms of the productivity boost it provides it's worth the full price. But as you said -it's on sale frequently enough that one can wait for a sale to come around. I suspect that when version 7 comes out it'll be a bit of a wait for the next sale -but who knows?
  8. Got it in one, Fluffy. They had a sale a month-ish ago and I picked up a copy of version 6 (version 7 is about to be released). I'm having a blast with it, remaking some old builds with **my own** textures, instead of someone elses'. The great, wonderful thing about it is that it gives you a base template to work from, that you can do nearly anything with, and that according to their TOS what you render with their program is legally yours (as ChinRey alluded to). Here's a couple of links from their forum that addresses legal usage of filter forge textures; https://www.filterforge.com/forum/read.php?TID=11328&MID=120040 https://filterforge.com/forum/read.php?TID=10655&MID=115283 It's not just a library of textures -tho it's that, too. But they're a base, which you can adjust different parameters to make something that is uniquely your own. For people who can't draw (**raises hand**) it's a life saver.
  9. Counting SL families? I have roughly six or seven places around SL where I can "set home to here". But my main home is on the mainland where I started SL back in 2005 and have lived since 2011: Funadama. Unfortunately I can't share pictures because I'm in the early stages of rebuilding/re-conceptualizing (ie deciding what I want to do with the space) there. In the next few days I'll probably end up returning everything and start doing something else. ;____; I also have a couple of parcels in Neufreistadt which I'm holding on to in case of (financial) emergencies.
  10. So I have a crummy asus desktop I'm trying to turn into something useable. It has an AMD A8 APU with a built-in Radeon 7000-something GPU. I also have an Nvidia 430/1g card. Right now I'm using the APU. I have bumped up the "uma frame buffer size" to 2G since I have extra ram. I'm not sure/can't tell if this is helping anything or not. I can wander around semi-comfortably using a Singularity alpha with ALM enabled and DOF -FPS is around 20, 21. Turning on shadows kills it, though, and drops my framerate down to the single digits. I'm suspecting this means the framebuffer increase isn't helping -but I'd like feedback and suggestions. I can get in on either card, but I have to have ALM etc turned off if I want decent framerates. [edit]Right now I'm using windows 10 creators' update, and I've downloaded and installed the radeon drivers from AMD.
  11. Poor kitty! I'm sorry you'll be gone and that you've been sick. I'm going to try to make it, altho I almost always forget these kinds of things and make maybe the last five minutes >.>
  12. >first saw that as Bay City Nights ...I've been in SL too long. ;______;
  13. ;____; Cooltext makes better signs that I can from just slapping free fonts on layers in gimp. ;_____;
  14. I'm not even sure wtf to say ...I use a mix. Yes, I'm one of those vile, horrible people who became attached to the outfit they got in 2009 (Jan twenty-TEN actually tyvm) and while I have a maitreya body I rarely wear it since I can't wear my favorite outfit with it. So, my skin and shape are system, and new items (eg my jacket) tend to be mesh -I just throw everything together, tbh. To be honest, no one's given me crap about since I started wearing mesh items. Before then, I had a rep as being an anti-mesh crank; but I mellowed. Pictured; mesh hair (?), sculty belt, prim horns, ears and tail, mesh jacket, boots and robot arms.
  15. No offense meant by any means (cripes, I am getting old! D:) but the photo's pretty generic. It would be pretty easy to make a coffeehouse like that inworld (ofc getting people to actually go to it is another kettle of fish...)
  16. I'm lucky I haven't had to deal with (too much) with the rolling alts problem -anything I've moderated ends up being too small to attract that kinda attention. Seeing "trolls" join in and then eventually turning out to be cool people (who were simply bored?) is awesome too. It's one of the neat things about "TPAS". Hugs, it's been too long, I'm glad to see you around again.
  17. If there's a rhyme or reason to mainland prices, I've yet to figure it out! It's like anything else; more desireable parcels are going to cost an arm and a leg. Waterfront, protected? Arm, leg. Depending on what you're looking for, decent prices can be had. I've had the best luck using the v1 land search (in the singularity viewer) and sorting by price and not looking at anything over (roughly) L$2/sqm. It's work (so is hunting yellow spots on the map) but it's worked for me. A lot of the cheaper spots will be undesirable, maybe even unusable; but not all of them. It can be worth the hassle and work if you're on a tight budget.
  18. ...pretty harsh reaction to links, but NWN is much the same. :\ (What is it about virtual worlds that brings out the autocrat in folks?) Kidding/snark aside, thanks for the hints, Pamela.
  19. Of course, I'm much more mellow now...ask anyone! Look at me, I'm an angel...
  20. I was a lot more fighty when I hung out here before. When they went on lithium and the word went out that inworld bans were being handed out for forum bans, I figured discretion was the better part of valor and settled in over at SLU. (can we say SLU these days? or is that a ban?)
  21. I think it's obvious they're going to deprecate support for the declining PC market and move folks over to using headsets and voice (on gaming consoles) exclusively.
  22. mikka Luik wrote: The only one off the top of my head would be the CDS so would be interesting to hear of others. Thank you for the mention, Mikka! Someone mentioned earlier that putting up a sim's worth of teir would end up with the "experiment" ending within a month; to that I'd like to point out that even with our ups and downs, the Confederation Of Democratic Simulators (portal.slcds.info) has managed to last for twelve years now since our origins on the Anzere region. Far from closing, in 2015 we added a sixth region to our estate. On a personal level, I'm not sure that democracy would work particularly well as a means of running the entire secondlife grid, but we at the CDS have managed to make it work for our estate.
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