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  1. Not as often as I could, or I would like. I end up looking around and not liking what I find at all...
  2. Well, this is certainly an odd choice of places for OP to cognitively rub one out at, but far be it for me to criticize ...
  3. Heard this from bestie, not sure of the original source; "Society loves its' dead rebels and live conformists" Edited to add: "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth" -Mike Tyson
  4. FS has a better UI, and it has a lot of niceities you don't get (as far as I know) with the main viewer; gth rezplat dd and friends. I mean a LOT (just the radar alone is worth it).
  5. Came here to say this. Seriously, this was a horrible idea when it was done the first time, it's a horrible idea now.
  6. Never, never but never fall for that. I fell for a bunch of "survey for linden" scams as a noob and never saw a dime from them. I'm glad they're no longer a thing!
  7. A simulation full of Aliens! Run in circles, scream and shout! 😱😱😱
  8. No worries -but thank you.
  9. I made over myself yesterday and here's my current look: If the skirt was a little longer, this might be a contender to replace my classic "lost neko" outfit.
  10. to build uninterrupted to shop uninterrupted because they're going to be afk because they're on the phone irl etc etc etc etc
  11. I certainly hope so. I'd be very scared if they're serious.
  12. I could have, but I didn't. 🤷‍♀️ Thank you for the suggestion.
  13. ...which is why I wrote my post. To give the OP an alternative and explain my reasoning for preferring it to the bodies given.
  14. Here's how my avatar looks today -actually took this for another thread, but it fits here too! EDIT: after I posted this, @Mona EberhardtIM'd me to tell me about her latest blog entry -a follow-up about Ebbe's passing. In the IM she gave me the SLURL to Ebbe's memorial and I paid a visit:
  15. None of the above, seriously; I use Tonic Fine body. I've tried slink and maitreya and slink was too (needlessly) complicated (and the hud too resource intensive) and with maitreya I couldn't get it to look the way I wanted (being vague so I don't run afoul of any standards). I've been using Tonic for about 3 or 4 years now and IMO it's a better option for smaller busts than the maitreya petite (which I have and dislike). There's also a curvy body too, but I haven't used that. For what it's worth, I regularly use it with a genus head (not sure if that's what I'm wearing in this photo -but I think so): Ninja edit to paste a current (today!) photo wearing the Tonic Fine Body, GENUS Project - Genus Head - Baby Face W001 - v1.7 - Mocap, *ARGRACE* CHITOSE [A] Rigged (hair), Zero biker jacket_Punk, random neko stuff and the "lost neko" outfit I got in 2010 ... I don't know the MP address of her store (if there even is one), but you can get it from her sim "Tonic Water"
  16. I'm not sure why you kids needed to blather on for 5 pages when the correct answer was in the 2nd post ...
  17. Ooooh yeah. I love 80's hard rock and metal and punk -that's not the guilty part, though. The guilty part is one specific band: Grim Reaper: They were a total RCA-cashing-in-on-what-kids-like pre-fab band but...I love the hell out of their first album, even if it does make my inner metal-head cringe!
  18. Are you talking about Enterprise Bay?
  19. Building, look for slex, get bored, go to an event, go back to building I'm definately in a rut (not the one I'd like to be in, either!)
  20. There are better, more effective replies you could have made instead. But who cares about effectiveness when there's zingers to be had? Imma throw some pearls out here for you to find in the mud: "Yes, but for those who do want to play and don't want to be milked or forced to pay, I have come up with /I am coming up with an alternative." You're welcome.
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