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  1. ty for your asnwer that made to learn something new..but of course have another question......when u say a UV map must be included you mean i have to upload map too?
  2. hello i have made some mesh objects not advanced objects just practicing... i have uploaded to sl too... but i need to know if it possible to texture a mesh object in-world per face? like regular prims?
  3. well then i should be doing something wrong because i have uploaded some mesh objects and i cant walk throught unless i set to phantom
  4. lets say i want to use a mesh part for build d they still need to be in phantom mode ? or there is something that can be done before upload in sl
  5. im new in using blender..i have version 2.59.. i need to know once i create something do i need some plug in installed in order to export it so i can upload later in sl?
  6. hello ok im new in blender i want to know what version of blender i should use for creating mesh objects
  7. latino32 Galaxy

    terrain textures

    hello my question is if its posible to split a sim half/half and set sand texture for one 1/2 and grass for the another 1/2?
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