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  1. Everything's ok except that the elevator always rotates I 'll try using looping
  2. I 'm so sorry to disappoint you but I already knew almost everything you wrote Anyway, thank you.
  3. My elevator goes up without the avatar and when it goes down the avatar falls on it. I am using llSetPos, does anyone know anything else I can do except looping SetPos to slow it down and sitting on the elevator?
  4. My script didn't use one of the elevators but everything is fine now and I 've made my script even more comlicated.
  5. Then what is wrong with my script? I am trying to make two elevators. This is the script from what I call the "Elevator control panel". It is supposed to receive commands from the caller-buttons, calculate the difference they have from both elevators and then, if the left one has a bigger difference from the right one, send the right one to the caller's floor or else send the left one to the caller's floor. This is my script so far... integer RLevel; // Right elevator's level integer LLevel; // Left elevator's level integer CLevel; // Caller's level string sRLevel; // Right elevator's level
  6. Example: I have two integer variables, "x" and "y". And I want to tell my script that if x is bigger than y say "x is bigger than y" else (if y is bigger or equal to x) say "y is bigger or equal to x".
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