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  1. It called ambient occlusion -- it's a lighting effect in most modelling programs which render shadows based on where you put the light source on your model.
  2. Another bubble ready to pop. Bitcoins were trading higher than Gold a few weeks ago. Last time I checked, they were around 800 buck a coin, I really don't see how they would be useful in SL. Oh, and then there's this........ http://money.cnn.com/2014/01/27/technology/security/bitcoin-arrest/ This guy is qualifed to start the next SL stock exchange.
  3. I'm proud of ya Pam -- I remember when you first started on that little 5120sqm(?) lot. Now lookie! I went the absolute opposite direction myself ......... after my employer shut down, in the midwest, I moved to Florida and picked up the ole Guitar. Now I play music professionally, 5-6 nights a week.
  4. I got out of designing before Mesh hit the streets -- but you might want to reconsider the Mod perms on your boots. this is the reason people are adding differnt sizes in their packages. You're doing nothing wrong - FP kits were designed to aid the merchant who does not have that particular skillset(3d modeling or other) I suspect that the two reviews may have been from the same person consdiering the language barrier in the posts and subsequent date of posting.
  5. Are you talking about MLPV? If so, they were released as full perm quite a few years ago after the creator developed another system, which was superior. There was a MLVP2 support group inworld, for futher developement - I do not know if it is still active but its worth looking into.
  6. I used to play with these guys about 10 years ago and got involved with a group of scambaiters. At first it was a ton of fun -- and then a group of us starting hacking their email addis and warning potential targets and then would ultimately synchronize a shut down of all of their email addresses and aliases. At one point, I targetted a 'family' in which I collected over 300 email addresses and correspondences, in a spread sheet, and sent it off to the FBI's 419 division in Massachusetts. I put up a website while I was doing this, with my minimal html and pshop skills however got way burnt out on doing it - I think I spent about as much time on it as I did in SL in the early days. Check out the story of Tobi -- I threw as much crap as I could at him and spent about 10 months baiting him. May I introduce to you, my good friend Dr. Nuutz Onurchin http://lettersfromlagos.com/default.htm
  7. Do a search on the marketplace for fishing boats. There are some that have that New England feel. There are lobster traps on the marketplace too. Perhaps you can fabricate something inexpensively rather than commission a custom job -- which will cost ya some lindens.
  8. Shoutcast is exactly what you need. Although, there is another software called B.U.T.T. - I run through a Mackie(for EQ, Mix, and Effects) mixer and then into the PC from there, Shoutcast will send it up. You need to rent a stream inworld, if you plan on performing -- thats generally the best practice although some venues will provide a stream. Bones Writer has them available at Trax (inworld) for about 1000L per month
  9. .Obj Files can be found here http://www.ccccybernetics.com/avatar_databank/
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