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  1. 1 hour ago, Solar Legion said:

    That's nice - doesn't matter and doesn't change a single thing. What I said, stands. You are not required to like it, your agreement is irrelevant.

    Now to the rest: A "job" does not automatically equate out to paid labor - that is a simple fact. A job is a task undertaken, often at an agreed upon price - said 'price' can be .... nothing/tips only.

    Welcome to reality - it doesn't care what you think.


    1 hour ago, Solar Legion said:

    And since it didn't sink in the first time:

    • A Second Life DJ can have (and often has) no applicable costs whatsoever to do their 'job'
    • An Internet DJ often does have applicable costs
    • A Real Life DJ does certainly have costs they must be compensated for at minimum

    So ... No, there is no comparison - period.


    50 minutes ago, Solar Legion said:

    Pardon the multiple posts in a row but i did just now realize something: The OP is conflating freelance SL DJs and club SL DJs.

    One does get paid - freelancers. At least the last time I bothered with it anyway.

    SL Clubs however .... Nope!


    You contradict yourself.

    Because the definition of job is a paid position or regular employment. The definition of employment is the state of having paid work and according to you a DJ is not a job, that's what it comes down to. WRONG.

    Payments are made in Second Life in $L or Linden Dollars.

    "Unless" otherwise specified. Open the Job forum, and few are transparent about it.

    Now, your statements about the DJ. I only read excuses but you forget one thing. No matter how the DJ performs his "work", it remains a "job" and here we go again "the definition of job is a paid position or regular employment. The definition of employment is the state of having paid work"

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Solar Legion said:

    As someone who used to DJ in SL - this is Second Life. if you're expecting a wage, move on.

    Wrong, Linden Lab developed an entire economy and there is a section in this forum special for JOBS and there's a special section for jobs by means of paid advertisement.

    (if they use the word "hiring" or "job" this involves $L for providing service or labor, LOGIC.)

    5 minutes ago, Solar Legion said:

    Second Life DJing is not at all the same as doing so in Real Life, period. In Real Life, you have equipment costs, Licence costs (for your music) and various other costs that you must be reimbursed for. In Real Life, DJing is an actual job.

    First of all, you need the necessary songs, hardware / software. The basic elements as a DJ are needed. The work is exactly the same. What a nonsense.

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  3. 1 hour ago, clivesteel said:

    Heathcliff, may I refer you to an important post I made on this very subject (in fact, add more now for inflation).

    Those who expect slave labour should have their clubs closed down! IGNORE the bad advice the others have given you...if a club won't pay you for your time, REPORT THEM.




    I agree, if they use the word "hiring" or "job" this involves $L for providing service or labor, LOGIC.

    When they don't pay it's not a job but volunteering under false conditions or flat-out said they live in a selfish bubble so they can make money.

    When people say: "Ahh this is SL and you don't do it for the money"

    Right, first of all, don't think or talk for me. One comes for fun, but most for a second life. Guess what, that describes the whole definition of "Second Life".


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  4. On 6/27/2015 at 3:50 AM, Occidite said:

    I hate to break it to you, but the work of an sl DJ is not equivalent to the work of a rl DJ. Rhonda Huntress already aknowledged that real life DJs have far more listeners to entertain

    The profession of DJ has no other definition online than in "RL", nonsense.

    PS: Don't compare RL with SL. This is SL and RL stays out. 

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  8. Position: Hostess

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  9. Position: Dancer

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