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  1. D: That woulda been useful like, in December.... I got to much stuff thats non xferrable otherwise i'd TOTALLY do that.. not cool.. thanks though
  2. So basically your saying that the last name Resident isn't actually there, although when i log into Phoenix it requires me to use Resident, as well as when someone puts me into a time clock in world, it requires them to use the Resident last name, as well as when you search in people, Resident shows as the last name. That sounds pretty lame in my opinion... Petition to revert back to choosing your own last name? -.-' Epic fail on this decision SL! -.-'
  3. Yea uh, I've read the wiki for SL and it stated that short term users are given the last name Resident, but longterm users are given the opportunity to choose a last name other than Resident. To me that's pretty vague, short term means you won't be on long, long term obviously means you'll be on for a long time. So considering this, is the name Resident temporary until you've reached a certiain SL age? Or is the Resident surname permanent?
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