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  1. depends on how well scripted the stuff is, but breedables, [status variables updated every timer-tick in the script, rarely have a standby state when not interacted with], bot avs [depending on what they have on/do], animesh [especially if they're roamers], gametables[they can/probably do pull a full standby state if not used, active ones can be a little rough], then store[vendors can pull the same standby state when not used, generally don't pull anything too crazy anyway] to my end
  2. i've got an amd rx-570 in an old amd a8-5k build here.. i know i need to get off the a8 to something better, but the rx-570 is a solid gpu, even if it isn't quite as good as an amd rx-5k or nvidia rtx-2k series
  3. i had that issue as well, i dumped the object-cache to buttkick things into loading right..
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