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  1. I am a premium account holder/estate owner and own multiple estates. The drama involved with just getting a region rollback is a disaster. I can't even count the number of tickets I have opened that just "disappear". We are griefed pretty regularly, we give them the alt account names of these FREE members, and nothing gets done. I have even had a RL threat against my life and the guy still runs free in SL. It's a joke. I even got kind of pissy with one of the guys on concierge after they locked my account for 87 cents. When I asked them why they were so rude and unhelpful his response was " maybe it is because the company is moving and we are losing our jobs!!!" Are your freaking kidding me? HOW did that become the consumers fault. I just told him, not my problem do your job while you still have it. Within the year, I plan to sell and kill my account, becuase it just really isnt worth it anymore.
  2. I gotta say it's about time. I have been in secondlife going on 4 years, and the customer service has gotten progressively worse. The case in point, I will not spend my money on a restraunt that has poor customer service, and that is $75-100 bucks. Why would I want to spend thousands of dollars on something that is so wickedly frustrating that they dont care about their patrons. About time yall listened to what we are screaming about.
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