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  1. Web profiles... are they better than the old profiles? I looked at the example web profile of Q Linden, no disrespect to you Q, but the profile is rubbish. The page seems to be a whole lot of wasted space. The profile pic is tiny, more akin to a postage stamp than a photo. From what I can see there's only the 'About Me' section, again it all seems cramped and compressed into a little space. Other tabs seem to be gone, pity because I find 'Picks' tabs to often be the most useful'. Oh, there's a large space for a banner, which LL is currently using to promate the sale of advertising space.
  2. I don't like Facebook, I don't use it now and I certainly won't start using it just to find out what's going on in Second Life. Yes, I will know less about SL, but is that my fault or LL's? I would like to keep voting on JIRA issues, it's what I've always done on issues I feel strongly on. If voting is removed and we're forced to watch issues instead, Perhaps, I might watch a few issues, but I'll filter all my SL emails directly to the spam folder and empty it once a week, without opening it or reading any of them. Great communication skills LL.
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