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  1. Its not at all optional if it opens automatic and forced and annoying way . It is illegal spamming and only spamming. Even how many X is there, it doesnt give permission anyone to ask us to accept North-Korea nuclear attacks. And as there is not even any x, its even worse. Should be reported to Trump so he can remove those idiots from internet. I vote yes to that.
  2. What the hell is this???? Me and many others have been upset of second life forced neutrality spamming. Does this mean that if I dont want to see that kind of annoying spam, I need to quit using second life??? Anyway I will always for now on support any neutrality restrictions if that way can keep that kind of idiots away from internet. It seems same as Facebook "like". You can only vote yes, right??? That sure works in North Korea but I am not from there!
  3. hi Good question sure. I stll dont see much sense in using these bodies. And well, as once someone said: if you use more time naked then maybe you prefer mesh body. But if you wear clothes, then it has not much any adantage, More disadvantages as we seen in clothe industry. Classic clothes work without any additional work on classic body but mesh bodies always mess. It neeeds appliers and to make appliers for all mesh bodies , its no sense when there is hundreds of different bodies and al havw also different system. And another thing. It is creator who should make clothes to (even those created before mesh) work on all bodies. But I would say: Creator of mesh body should make all clothes to work with their body. But guess what they answer if say so.. "impossible":.yes.. Mesh clothes dont need mesh body as too many maybe think. Only maybe if mesh clothe is made exclusively for certain body. But in that case that clothe is even worse option, it work only with that body. Mesh is mess. unfortunately Have fun, dont mess But its only my half cents
  4. hi Dunno if its about this server deploy but saby clary just told she cant anymore upload her newest maya file because it gave always weird "more than 65000" vertex error... She had ben posible to upload it before and only done some rigging changes. She uses mac offical viewer And after several desperate tries she gave up and tried with previous viewer version which she had in laptop, and with it all was ok.
  5. cache clean cleaned problem, at least for one login;)
  6. Well..we just tried to login with saby Clary and both got same kind of problems as when inventory deflattening fix was needed. error message about "permission defauls" and cloud very long. And when all rezzed, couldnt see any mesh items worn or even on ground, and then soon forced logout. Treid 3 times.Next after cache clean...We could IM bit anyway... so..waiting grid reports but it is also quite empty for last week.. "yes..cache clean helps, maybe they have tried to fix that inventory flattening problem and now worse..maybe for all same now, I " Yes..we wait more, and dunno if maintenance still going, I dont know what those different channels mean, some of them seem still be going anyway..and PST..and PDT..
  7. hi I wonder same kind of problem in saby clary's mac environment. She has also had long time weird problem with mac. She have to clean cache manually after every logout or cant get back online. Freezes when login and then crash. She has also made couple tickets but not got help yet. Dunno if same kind problem but anyway, we also wait for more help and maybe comments from other mac users here? She get's also some strange error message after login: "There was a problem saving the default object permission:STATUS_EXPIRED. Please try setting the default permission later."
  8. Thank you theresa, we had same problem and it was even worse. Always fps got very low when wear mesh and hardware skinning uncheck helped.
  9. hi Yes I got my money released quite fast (1-2 days)after form sent and also additional info sent to them. And yes, I had understood from form text that we all pay to u.s. but seems that we are not but to our own countries. Sorry for my poor english, thats why quite a mess to understand that "law"-form;)
  10. Yes. I am as lost about this as..I am. But in second page of form there is: Purpose of this form.Foreign persons are subject to U.S. tax at 30% rate on income they receive...of: and then list of things which are included to this. SO..not all incomes but only..what? Anyway I have done first part..sending filled form but then I was again confused. I didnt get any other form to put those additional informations. So I suppose now they are meant to put in to ticket..or how? Havent got any answers after yesterday to ticket so they maybe bit busy:: In instruction there was told: We are using EchoSign to facilitate the collection of this information. Please use the relevant link below to provide the above-requested information. Anyway..I can live with this;)
  11. Hi Ho! Long sigh after reading all this but anyway enough for me to be sure that it is what we need to do and thats it. ANyway seems that most ...wel at least many..never paid tax of sl incomes and I suppose everyone knows that without tax we are all Greeks. Or argentines. But sure that email is hard to read for anyone like me who is not englsih speaking person be nature. Its kinda law text and I am at least forced to just push those forms forward and see if it is accepted. And those who say that Linden LAb done things wrong this way and that way...well..no need to do that if all pay taxes voluntarily. Sure this was also reason that noboody else can anymore work as linden exchange to cash lindens. But I also wonder if you have paid until this tax to your own country, how you explain that for now on you pay to u.s....well sure can show those forms.. Sure tax systems will never be fair as it is possible for many use tax-paradises and so on but..we have to live with it. So next I will take photo of my passport and then another photo of my dentist bill;) And by the way..same way PayPal ask those informations and not using even any IRS forms... So...happy photographing to all, maybe someone will take a current face pic of her/himself and include it also. Just to be sure;) "Take it or leave it" RZ
  12. This problem sure never gets resolved...though in JIRA it is solved...on and on same problem..forever..even works same way when do it from redelivery...so not difficullt check..even that..but maybe no coders anymore there..
  13. Which OS you use. My prtner use MAc and she also wonder empty or very slowly uploading inventory. Seems there is too much bugs now. Also told textures bad and. she also told that after download viewer again all is better, but next login problems..I use windows and for me all ok
  14. I am also totally lost about those less or more stuck enhancements. I have felt that I have had all enhancements active already half year but never charged. On the contrary I have been refunded payments which I suppose I never done. SO who would be so cazy that complain that...except that I am not sure at all if those enhancements really have been active or ...well..I dunno nothing;)
  15. Old thread but anyway I would add that group payments really are not very clear. At least I cant see who paid so if someone left and paid again I cant see anywhere that she/he has paid. SO bit difficult to give refund...
  16. Old thread but anyway I would add that group payments really are not very clear. At least I cant see who paid so if someone left and paid again I cant see anywhere that she/he has paid. SO bit difficult to give refund...
  17. Yes.I would agree that traffic counting is totally off currently. Maybe they are working on it;)
  18. I am not exactly sure if this is the "trick" you are looking for: I succeeded to replace/update even those listings which already existed this way: I deactivated the listing before sending folder to marketplce. That way folder was replaced by new folder (same way as amijg first migrate) and not getting to unassociated list orcvreating automatically a new listing. Not sure if it works still this way but some weeks ago at least.Then of course need to activate listing again.
  19. I cant see much sense in these few cryings about this and that.After we changed all about 800 items to DD, it has been amazing. 100% perfect deliveries, not even one redelivery after first weeks. It has really worked better than could ever believe. Anyway this is just my few cents as I am mostly annoyed about those raging or even insulting comments about everything. Also after new marketplace was launched, there was also lot of crying about everything but after all sales only increased dramatically with it. But sure we all pay huge state taxes to our governments for all incomes so sure everything should work even better to compare if we only paid LL 5% fee "tax"..how much in your country you must pay tax? And do you pay it?
  20. Really?..And you use default viewer language settings? That only reason I know for initialzing error. If use any international language then it cant finish initializing. But maybe there is some other reasons also.
  21. Maybe this is not the same issue as we got solved this way: just as simple as using english language with viewer. With italian language (at least) it was always "initializing"....language changed in preferences and needs restart of vewer.
  22. Oh yes.Or actually I just realised..or I suppose I realised , That if I first deactivate listing, then I can send new folder so that it will stay in unassociated items and not making automatically new listing. Then can edit original listing and change the new folder in use. Not sure but seemed so.. Anyway I succeeded that way..
  23. Been wondering that same. Its quite common sometimes that need to add or change something in delivery. And after testing to import same folder again, it only created new listing. That way it gets very annoying always create new listing and lose all reviews maybe if got them or whatever else is lost that way.Sale reports missmatch and.. Sure wont start importing before this is made more clear. Also wondering if there is or will be clear instructions for DD to do things right way and not only "testing and learning"...reading these forum posts is not the way when no idea which information is valuable and which just disinformation or old information.
  24. we found a brand selling copybotted stuff of several big brands. I bought one item to be sure of it. ANd it was 100% clear case.Even names of items still had original brand name there though officual name was even changed. Then I made a review of this "product" telling that it is clear copy botted stuff...and now I see that review is removed. By Linden lab?..who else can remove them. Cant anything but wonder..and there was also abuse report done about this same case...so thank you Linden lab..copy botting rules!!! Fight against copybotting really worthless if it is so protected...
  25. This seems to be quite old thread already but we have had a lot this kind of problems last weeks. Several customers tell that they have totally lost all item of purchase. And they really had them before. Maybe need to try find in JIRA has something about this. It begins to get annoying enough now..
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