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  1. Yes thats it i think-its just slow. Its all sorted now thank you-i put a Ticket in with SL-explained my problem. Recieved a reply explaining details then recieved another email sayin i had recieved Funds. Thank you everyone for your help & advice.Oggie
  2. hmmmm i have now noticed that in the Process Credit Paypal thats its Status is 'in progress' so perhaps its just very very slow now as usualy this takes 5 mins after selling to get money in my Paypal Account. This means i could be waitin nearly 2 weeks for moneys/sales to get into Bank-this isnt good at all. Perhaps i should stick to Selling Lindens only via SXstreet if thats still possible as that was quick but cant see how i can pay money into SX from SL with no Terminals etc
  3. The Transaction was made in SL Accounbt not SX & in the CLosed Orders bit it says: Your Closed Orders (closed in the past 30 days) Order Id Order Type Quantity Ordered Quantity Filled Limit Rate Time Opened Time Closed Closure Method Gross US$ Net US$ ********* Market Sell L$ 3,000 L$ 3,000 – 2010-04-04 19:58:43 2010-04-04 19:58:43 fill US$ 11.15 US$ 10.76 then in my balance the SL$ hasnt changed & the USD is $ 0.76 so it doesnt seem to be there :-(
  4. I have proof of the L$3,000 Currency Exchange Order to prove the transaction & the amount is written in Red under the Debit column on the 4th but still as yet the money hasnt appeared anywhere or been Returned anywhere so im abit confused as to where that amount has gone. Im still not sure what the change is here-does this mean we cant Cash Out the money we earn anymore & its only available Inworld for shoppin from now on? Or what, as i cant see how we now put money into SXstreet either to be able to Sell. Did i miss ome information somewhere?
  5. I Have Sold 3000L 2 days ago & cant seem to find where it has gone-the usual process is: Sell Lindens-recieve lindens in USD-Send to Paypal-email from Paypal saying Recieved Funds-this all used to take about 5 minutes. But ive sold 3000L 2 days ago & still no confirmation from Paypal or where the money has gone. Any ideas here i would be grateful as have more Lindens to Exchange but dare not do it yet until i find out where my last money has gone & why its taking so long
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