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  1. You're right. And no, there was no prior notification about reading a notecard or whatever. I wouldn't have had a problem with being told there was a dress code but being treated the way I was immediately was seriously inexcusable. I hate when people use their RP as an excuse to treat others badly. Really, it's a game and a fun one. Whether I'm exploring new places, shopping, or hanging out with friends at a club I use SL as an escape from RL and that type of abuse from others seriously ticks me off. Really--can't we just have fun playing?
  2. So, this is a rant and I will just tell you that right off. In looking for something unique to do with my bf that he would enjoy, I looked on SL's main page for events. I stumbled across the Star Trek Museum. Not having been there before, I wanted to visit it before I took my bf there. As SOON as I landed, this woman starts harassing me about what I was wearing, saying this is museum attire only. I got a notecard with rules upon landing, but I did not even have a chance to look at them before she started in on me. I was wearing a bra w/ a leather jacket, a skirt, and high heels. I didn't see anything wrong with it, so I asked her not sure what the problem was. She said to take off the 'bouncing boobies', so I removed the physics. No issue. then I started to walk inside the musem, and she began a long lecture to me about the rest of my attire. "put on underwear" was her next statement, followed by a lecture about it being a real museum. As I hadn't had a chance to even respond before she started in on me, I stated ok I'll just leave I won't stay where someone is rude to me. She said that my hooha was in full view of everyone and she knows that I'm aware of that or I wouldn't be flashing it (this is not a direct quote, not violating the TOS here) so that's obviously me being ruder than her. The skirt I was wearing was new and I had an alpha on--I wasn't aware I was flashing anything, and I tried to explain that to her but she muted me. NOW...I realize people who own businesses are fully able to set their own rules. I have no problem with dress codes, what I do have problem with is people being rude to me. I've been on SL a very long time--since 2006 and this is getting ridiculous. I wasn't by any means rude to her, and quite frankly am puzzled as to why people feel that they have to treat others with such disregard. Honestly...now I'm mad and I hope ya'll don't go to this "museum" or you'll be treated the same way. :catmad:
  3. Ok, so this is so weird. I go to Skinny Dip Inn quite a bit and normally don't have any problems. This one time I bumped into a guy wearing some mesh looking capri pants and we were like, dancing in the same space. I moved out of him but somehow on my viewer it appeared like his pants got stuck on my body. It was pretty funny. I relogged but it didn't disappear. I tried clearing my cache and all nothing made these stupid pants go away. I lived with it at first and then when the Phoenix vier went away and I went to Firestorm I did a complete CLEAN reinstall. Deleted everything SL from Phoenix. Nothing should be remaining, right? I went to SDI tonight, freaking pants showing up on my AV again! And it's not like they're always on me, just randomly blinking on me on and off. I'm not sure how to get these off my body. Thoughts? (btw, it's only on THIS sim that they show up)
  4. So, I had property next to governor linden land. I couldn't rez any prims there as they would auto-return. But I did have my house a tiny bit over the property ine. i didn't think it would hurt anything. I had my stuff up just fine and lived there quite happily for a while. A new neighbor moved in this morning and griped that I have 219 prims over the 238 limit and she would auto return items. I told her I didn't understand and she did an auto return and refuse to explain and it returned my entire house, contents included! I've lost a very expensive greedy table, not to mention countless other items. I was told to clear my cache and that they would probably show up in my lost & found after relogging, but nothing is there. Any thoughts on how I get my stuff back?
  5. Hello, I am having the same problem as the person who originally posted this. i have tried everything she tried plus I have tried everything the suggestions. I have cleared the cache, I have gone to a queit sim and waited for my inventory to load, I have trired replacing the ruth skin with a different one (it wont let me) all to no avail...I still look like an idiot. My attachments are there, but nothing else. Any ideas how to fix this??
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