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  1. That was Late July/Early August of 2006.
  2. Every now and then I get approached by femboys who want the very thing you're offering, though I'm not sure if they like bringing sausage or not. For some reason they think I'm a domme or something and always call me Miss or Mistress when they IM me. šŸ™‚
  3. My Wish? To never hear SL referred to as a "game" ever again. Second Life is not a game. It is a multi-user virtual environment. It doesn't have points or scores. It doesn't have winners or losers. (waits for it)
  4. I login at least a few days every week. I log into SL more often than I read and post in these forums. My photostudio is at ground level, and when I take pics there it is usually before or after socializing and doing things. As for VVO/SLU, I think most of the posters there do login, it's a minority that doesn't.
  5. Thanks for the heads up, after messing around in one I agree that it's a great vehicle for the Camper regions.
  6. 159000, which is a low. Just haven't been shopping enough. For it is written, Thy Inventory Shall Always Increase, Never Decrease, Such is the Way of the Fashionista. Deletion is Heresy and Forbidden. šŸ˜‰
  7. Wandered around a bit, didn't see any Truck-boat-truck's, y'all disappoint me.
  8. They might want to raise some of the bridges across some of the waterways a bit if they can, it restricts some water travel in the new areas. One example is in SSPE260, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE260/220/191/21 Gyazo'd a pic: https://gyazo.com/dfca0710bb1068cfe2ec0a5a6fee4fc3
  9. Ah, Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! šŸ˜‰ https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=znxFrgql5dc When I first heard of it I spelled it Bellissaria, notice the "a", like the island continent south-east of Alphatia on the D&D world of Mystara. All I have to do now is remember that SL Bellisseria has an "e".
  10. Yes, I think so. Easy! I was an uniformed clueless newbie consumer with the shopping monkey on my back. So I had the hardest time finding things that fit my taste, which was more classic than most, and then I had to buy MORE stuff when I found the actual good stuff instead of the less-good stuff I had found first. Shapes and skins were my biggest expenditures early on. 1000L$ or more for a single skin in a single shade, in a single brow color with a single makeup. Shoes what, 300L$ for a single pair in a single color at least from a top tier creator like Fally? Maybe 400L$ for a single dress in a single color from Dazzle? Heck, 1300 or so might get you an entire fatpack of a dozen colors now. 250 to 300L$ for a single hair pack of maybe 2 colors. Even eyes could cost a bit, but then I found Miriel Enfield and her reasonably priced eyes. And then there were things like jewelry, an AO (I think I only picked up a couple of those...I found Luth Brodie), poses for any posestand. It added up fast. I'm actually not that big of a spender these days by fashionista standards, averaging maybe 6000 -9000L$ a month. Thank goodness I don't do subscription MMO's anymore. I don't even WANT to know how much I spent that first 6 months, probably more than I spend an entire year these days. Especially since I don't blog anymore and therefore don't buy some new skin brand I've heard about just to review it. Though frankly we could use more independent review voices in SL fashion. Skin fatpacks... 3 to 4 thousand a pop, 3 to 4 skins each of one shade and one brow color but with 4 different makeups. if you were lucky a single skin from a designer trying to be affordable was maybe 900? A fatpack of all the shades? Empty your wallet. Course then Eloh released her skin templates and half the grid started releasing their own skins, which caused downward pressure on skin prices. Some fancy shmancy gown? 1000L$ or more. LE stuff? More money. Some shoe designers used the prims+invizprim to sculpts+alpha transition to raise prices and also the transition to shoes with built in feet. Thankfully I didn't do those much, hoping SOMEONE would do feet that you just added shoes on to. And most of us oldbies know about the prices of Stiletto Moody shoes, which I didn't buy because I didn't much like the styles let alone the wince-inducing prices. In some ways mesh era items are more reasonably priced, especially if you catch them discounted. Oh yeah, it reminds me of Truth Panny or one of those Argrace hairs.
  11. A friend does the pageant scene, suggested I join up as well, but....the pageant girls take it VERRRRRY seriously. Also the time commitment is whack! You can be cut from the show for missing a scheduled event/rehearsal/whatever even if it conflicts with RL work. Ha ha ha, everyone and their KittyCat is a fashion blogger these days. Fashion shows are still rare because designers figured out they were annoying to do, attend (lag), and schedule and they weren't effective as other marketing in SL. How many cute little cocktail dresses do I need? All of them. Though yes, it is a bit homogeneous, in part due to templates. Like I said, how many do I need? All of them. I wear them a lot for socializing, so I need a lot of them. Mine are usually a touch longer than most, preferring lower thigh to knee length. I don't have in-world income so I have limits on the number of cute cocktail dresses I can buy. CC sadface. I had to figure it out myself. It took me a few days before I found the 2006 era fashion blogs like Second Style and Linden Lifestyles, that helped. I spent slightly over 170 US$ in my first couple of weeks in SL getting my avatar up to the appearance standards of 2006 fashionistas.
  12. While I'm an oldbie (13 years on July 19th of this year), I'm not one of the OLDBIE oldbies. I was one of the post May 2006 people who came in after LL created free accounts. I had heard about SL before then, but not knowing how well SL would run on the PC (not very well), and being involved in MMO's I didn't want to pay for another subscription. I joined when a tech vodcast I followed....vodcasts being what we now would call youtube channels, announced they were doing a meetup in the "next big thing" in SL and that accounts were now free. zOMG Stipends! That was an actual SL t-shirt made during the stipends controversy of 2006, when it went from the Blessed 500L$ of the Oldbie Elite, to 400L$ and then the 300L$ of the newbie masses. šŸ˜‰ This was LONG before I actually went premium. And if I remember correctly didn't ratings affect Dwell as well? Dwell was a thing where LL would slightly subsidize land owners with L$ depending on how many visitors they had, it was meant to reward land owners who had content that attracted users. And of course it was gamed, it was one reason why camping chairs existed, IIRC. IIRC I got my first L$ from either a camping chair or a money tree before I came to the conclusion that it was a waste of time I'd be better off hitting the buy L$ button..which I have done many many times. Also camping chairs and money trees. A camping chair is set up by a land owner, it gave you L$ depending on how long you sat on it, or danced on it or whatever. Miniscule amounts but if you used one for hours every day it added up. Money trees were trees set up by landowners, often designers. If you clicked on it, it would give you a random amount of L$, depending on how much it had in it. Nice people would donate into them to help out newbies with a little L$. (they were often restricted to newbies) There were only 15 group slots...for everyone. FIFTEEN! Skirt shapes were a thing. Because the design of the system skirt was bonkers, it made you hippy. I mean EXTREMELY hippy. So everyone who wore system skirts had a shape specifically for wearing with system skirts. With prim skirts you usually wore your regular shape. Also glitch pants were a thing, they matched the color/texture of your skirt because of how skirts worked so it looked more normal. And only the jacket layer reached the pants layer, if you wore the shirt with pants you'd have a bare midriff, which is why some designers used the jacket layer to create a belt layer. Makeup was baked into skins, so if a skin maker wanted to have a dozen different lipsticks on say their "Grazia" skin, they had to release a dozen skins. And don't get me started on eyebrows. Inviziprims, because of how...."limited" the default foot was (and still is), shoe designers used inviziprims to hide parts of it in their shoes, these were eventually replaced with sculpty shoes with alpha's and so forth. The "bug" that allowed inviziprims to work was fixed, which is why the feet of avatars wearing old shoes look funny. Fashion shows were a thing...like the ones they have at RL fashion week. Runways, and SL fashion press. REALLY! And there were model agencies that actually had work! There was no such thing as "official bloggers", except maybe for a couple of designers relationship with Willow Zander, bloggers were somewhat more independent of creators back then. Who's Willow? She's the one Willow Packs were named for. What's a Willow Pack? What we called "fatpacks" back then, they were named for Willow because she shopped a LOT, and she was basically the Strawberry Singh of her day. Limited Edition items were a thing. This is where the designer only created a certain number of an item and then only put so many boxes out to purchase. The Dazzle LE's were highly desirable because while Dazzle was a popular retailer amongst female avatars, not everyone would have the Limited Edition item. There was an SL Big Brother event where a bunch of avatars were put into what some of us called "The Habitrail", IIRC residents voted who would be kicked out. The Starax wand, it was hugely expensive for the time L$10000+, but it was a high-status item to own. It rezzed things basically, VERY cool things. Sadly, I don't own one.
  13. They changed the name of Ondine to "Bellisseria Fairgrounds"
  14. That's not the point you were trying to make? Then why did you say this: This sentence is why people got riled up at you. It is one of the most head-explodey statements I've ever seen anyone say about the SL economy. The money the land owners and creators get comes FROM the "social aspect". As I said, SL is an almost entirely trickle-up economy. It's the "social aspect" that pays the bills filtered through land barons and creators. Now maybe you're a loner who lives in a sandbox, but you have to realize that in modern SL, the "social aspect" is what is paying the bills for LL either directly or indirectly. Heck, even Land Baron Desmond Shang of Caledon has said he's basically a middle-man. And getting back to alts, people sometimes create alts just for becoming involved in OTHER parts of the social aspect that they aren't normally involved in. Don't denigrate the importance of the "social aspect".
  15. In regards to decision making by LL, it doesn't matter what the rules of accounting are regarding how things show up on the ledgers, because LL knows that the Land Barons are middle men. SL is an almost entirely trickle-up economy. The important people aren't the Land Barons....it is the people who pay the meters of the Land Barons...the socializers. It is the social scene underlying the land barons that pays LL's bills, not to mention their cut from the Lindex, their cut from Marketplace, and their cut from creators cashing out. Where does that L$ come from? The Socializers. Bakes on mesh, Bento, and mesh itself...all there to make the shoppity-shop socializers happy. You make them happy, the Barons and the creators are happy from the L$. There's a reason why LL hired Strawberry Singh, LL knows who the real customer is, and as I said it isn't the Land Barons.
  16. The funny thing is, you have to be careful with the application of Latisse and Lumigan ( the eyelash treatment and the glaucoma med that is the same medication) because they can increase hair growth in other places as well. IIRC cheeks were reported, this is why you have to use the special applicator.
  17. Starting? He started covering SL like he didn't enjoy it back in 2010! Or was it 2009? Anyway, years! Some of us who comment regularly on NWN have commented on how he doesn't use SL "like the rest of us" anymore. Also there's some Fashionista named Sasy who has a blog, which unlike some other oldbie fashionistas...is still active. https://sasyscarborough.com/
  18. I wonder what sets those residents apart from us, that's the question. Most of us here are REALLY engaged. Blogs, flickr, active in in-world groups, the forums here, SLU/VVO, machinima. We're what Gwyneth Llewelyn called "The 100000": https://gwynethllewelyn.net/2008/10/13/the-hard-facts-about-the-second-life-economy/ Yeah it's old, and multiple pages, and written pre-mesh and pre-marketplace, but it has a good description of the various elements of the SL economy and userbase, especially this page: https://gwynethllewelyn.net/2008/10/13/the-hard-facts-about-the-second-life-economy/6/ Though I would say it's closer to "The 200000" now, I would say MORE people are engaged in the economy and shopping like madwomen than before, in part due to mesh.
  19. Yes, I would agree on that. SL's "success", such as it is, is mostly in spite of LL. The users LL has...are not the users LL wanted.
  20. I'm sorry, I meant for you to take the "yes" tongue in cheek like ChinRey's Yes, not literally. I should have added a smiley, my fault.
  21. Not a big fan of Twilight I see. šŸ˜‰ For those who don't know, 50 shades was originally a Twilight Fanfic. I am NOT joking, 50 shades is Twilight fanfic with the names filed off and the sparkly vampire stuff taken out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifty_Shades_of_Grey#Background_and_publication It is my duty to shop, such is the way of things in Bore. And since it is my duty to shop, my Mistress should supply myself, her Kajira, with an allowance...oh say 100000L$ a month for a start. Those fatpacks won't buy themselves. By shopping I'm being true to my Borean nature. On Earth, sometimes Fashionistas don't shop, by doing so they deny their true shoppity shop nature. But here on Bore, a fashionista knows her duty, to shop and shop some more. And she does it well, because it pleases her Mistress, and her Mistress wants a pretty Fashionista, but who cares about Mistress, right. Shopping is the most important thing, such is the way of things in Bore.
  22. Sounds like there's an interesting story behind that statement. As for me, One alt, land group/premium/utility. Her name is CeciliaCreeggan Resident, and is acknowledged as my alt in her profile. She's not even meshed out...currently. Interesting. (takes notes) So a flagrant hussy like basically every other female avatar in SL...HA! I just do hussy things as myself. I was in an SL porn machinima once, back in 07 or 08...really, I was. Just did it out of a sense of just having a different experience. Sounds like my alt I have met a few people who seem to dislike SL, a few of those saying they ought to leave. They sometimes do....maybe for 6 months or a year....but they tend to come back. Because once you've been in it for years...it gets in your blood. It's like Hotel California. You can log out any time you want, but you can never truly leave. On a prim linden highway, no wind in my hair. hitting the pgup key, rising up through the air up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light the Lag grew heavy and my RAM grew slim I was going to logout for the night .........
  23. My apologies, I didn't mean to imply you didn't know, just following on from your comment about the folks in your community not knowing. Most of the folks I call "fashionistas" are also a little bit "Trollopista" now and then. After all, one of the early fashion bloggers had the last name "Trollop". I know Stroker, as most oldbies do, but I don't know the other two. Including land and furniture? Up it to 20% easy. As you said, Adult furniture is PRICEY..and well...even some of us PG people have a adult bed or two. I've got the Dutchie Lesbian Gustavian, and I know I've got the full old SexGen setup somewhere in inventory. Yes...I've got a L$4500 sex bed that doesn't get used as a sex bed, I jokingly call it my Lesbian "Photoprop" bed. I think I've got an ExCite something-or-other in inventory as well. Yes. šŸ˜› Torley's videos are why I say "Friendly Greetings" whenever I see a Linden. Admittedly, he is an acquired taste.
  24. SL has had a large amount of Pixel Vanity and Barbie Dream House XTREEM even before I joined in 2006. The tagline of one early SL fashion blog, Linden Lifestyles, was: "Our Wardrobe is Better than Barbie's" And trust me, I have a lot of Pixel Vanity, after all CC Rule #1 is: Is the CC Pretty? If not, the CC needs to do more shopping. Also, CC Rule #1: CC must look pretty, If CC does not look pretty, someone must pay. Either the Lindens, or myself because I need to do more shopping. And CC Rule #1: CC is all about the pretty, more pretty is better than less, if something make CC less pretty it is a bad thing that must be destroyed...if something make CC more pretty it is a good thing. They're all Rule #1, so I don' t have to make the effort to count to #2. I have more, they're pretty much all justification for more shopping. Oh, they do it on Reddit now? They used to do it back in alt.fashion on USENET in the late 90's/early oughts.
  25. A Transcript or timeline would be nice for podcasts, Frau Yardley. In the SL I inhabit, people know about Drax, Frau Yardley and Berry. Of course the SL I inhabit is full of oldbies, steampunks, vintage fans, and fashionistas. When I first heard of Drax he was working with Pooky Amsterdam (former SL machinima producer, accent like Lovey Howell of Gilligans Island), this was what...2012? Frau Yardley I know from NWN/SLU/VVO and most of us old-timey region visitors know about Berlin. I don't visit Berlin because the 1920's is my LEAST favorite decade for fashion. I've virtually rapped Jo's knuckles when she's gone a little too far on her comments about us "Barbies". Berry is Berry, if you're a fashionista in the big groups and who follows the blogs/flickr, you know who Berry is. I've spent a lot on lingerie, which I rarely use. I don't use mesh nips, most of us PG people don't bother with them or other "private bits" addons, let alone spankers, collars and so forth. As for what portion of the economy the sexy side is? I think the general fashion economy is holding SL up with the adult stuff being part of that. Maybe 10 percent, enough that it would be missed.
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