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  1. Well now, that makes sense. Glad you're keeping an eye on the SSP's You cannot hide from us! We also have pitchforks and torches. 😉 I would lay money on that eventually becoming "Belliseria City" with an airport and marina.
  2. Not my parcel, but I found a parcel with this issue while exploring, parcel belongs to KeyundreCarter Resident. That should be enough for LL to find the parcel and help the owner.
  3. Another vote for open-plan houses. While I'm not planning on moving to Bellisseria, if I was an open-plan houseboat or house would suit my needs best. (Need a place to put the pose-stand and studio background) Oh and another thing. I'd like to see LL put some kind of device at the "Social areas" like the pools, where one could "rent" the ability to set the local stream for an hour Pay your L$, and the device asks you to send the stream URL via a channel and then sets the parcel stream to that URL. When your time is up the parcel URL is set to the default again. Note that I'm no script expert who knows if this is actually possible. I even wished they had done something like that at the old social areas in the old linden home areas.
  4. You can't really stop the prying eyes. But I'm going to say something that might assuage your concern a bit. Think about the demographics of who is moving into these homes. What Belliseria has is a bunch of people who wanted the Blake or Bay City lifestyle, but were turned off by the buy-in. You've got a bunch of girly-girl fashionistas (and couples) filling up their cozy little homes with gacha'd tchotkes and putting in little gardens and whatnot. And you've got some similar folks moved into the boathouses with their quality sailboats and motor vessels. These are long term residents who have premium accounts and who spend money in SL. These are not the sorts of people who interlope, they know the customs of SL. And outsiders to the continent? Well some of them are similar to the people who live there and will visit and socialize. I don't think most griefers are going to waste their time messing around with private residences when they can head to a social venue or Caledon Oxbridge when there's no local "bouncer" around Just had to do a bit of a joke: Oh my sweet summer child....this...is...SL. If the Residents pulled out the pitchforks for introduction of direct teleporting, the introduction of free accounts and the changes in stipends, the removal of ratings, the removal of dwell,...well, there's going to be friction about the issues we're discussing. (I only read about the first two, but I experienced the rest)
  5. Hartnell - Community Pool http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hartnell/87/158/21 Calm Waves - Lighthouse and one of those mini-boathouses on an island, suspect it will be a future rez point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calm%20Waves/220/171/22 Residentia - Public deck area with picnic table and a few chairs, South across the channel from the above lighthouse: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Residentia/203/7/22 Yuge - Small beach with deck chairs and towels to sit on, suspect this might turn into a rez point for Yuge http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yuge/47/37/22 Glibson - Small beach with chairs and one of those road "roundabouts" nearby, suspect it will be a rez zone: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glibson/148/16/23 Myopia Falls - good sized Beach with just 2 towels to sit on: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myopia%20Falls/21/24/22 Kuga - Another lighthouse island with beach, towels, picnic table, chairs, etc: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuga/53/78/21 Bellaire - A cozy little spot with a gazebo and two benches near one of those road roundabouts: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bellaire/78/97/34 Deckard - A garden shed, workbench, and sitting bench near the bridge: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deckard/186/57/29 Deckard - Small pier with a few chairs near the bridge, there's another similar one across the waterway: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deckard/194/128/22 Deckard - Another small sitting place near the "river" near the small bridge with a good view of the larger bridge. Note that this small bridge prevents further water travel up the small "river inlet" to the northwest. It might be a good idea to replace it with one of those bridges that can be raised and lowered like in Bay City. This one is also near one of the road roundabouts: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deckard/47/109/22 Moretti - And if you travel up that waterway you will reach an area with two small docks/piers with seating: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moretti/102/72/25 Libria - Beach at the south end of the Inlet, this one has one of those trellis things, benches, and towels: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Libria/175/163/22 Montag - Beach at the end of the above inlet with towels, bench, and float rings. The rings are actually a rezzer! There's a road roundabout nearby, suspect this will become a rez zone for boats and cars: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montag/52/184/22 Ness - Rest area with picnic tables behind some rocks near a road roundabout: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ness/52/61/22 Ness - up further north east through the protected land there's a gazebo trellis with a bench: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ness/111/134/25 Ness - and further north east there's a small beach behind some boathouses with loungers and towels, it is near another roundabout, a pathway from that roundabout leads to ANOTHER roundabout: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ness/160/191/22 Wheelhouse - Beach on a peninsula, Loungers, towels and a tube rezzer: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wheelhouse/233/27/21 I've turned into a AAA guide. Oh for those who don't know the AAA is the American Automobile Association, a motor club that started publishing road maps in 1905 (back then not all roads were automobile suitable), and hotel guides in 1917
  6. I am finding this thread....interesting. Now perhaps I've lived a sheltered Second Life, but I've never used security orbs, or ban lines. In fact, some of the places I've had parcels in, ban lines are forbidden as are security orbs below 512m. I even leave rezzing on for non group objects. The lack of them hasn't bothered me because I haven't felt the need for them. In all my landed years in SL, the number of times I've had interlopers on my personal property is less than 10. It was often a curious newbie who didn't know the ropes, and I gently explained to them the concept of private parcels. They usually TP'd out heading to someplace like the Caledon Oxbridge, The Shelter or NCI, that I directed them to. When it wasn't a curious newbie, usually a direct "this is my private house, please leave, would do the trick followed by an eject if necessary. I've only had to add one person to a ban list on one of my own personal parcels. I've been an Estate manager as well, and I rarely ever had to use such powers to get rid of interlopers, more often troublemakers were disgruntled estate residents causing "drama". So I must admit I'm finding it hard to believe that the lack of ban lines or limits to security orbs will lead to a plague of trespassing. I don't know what kind of SL some of you live in, but that sort of thing is rare in my experience. SL is full of oldbies who know the customs. Sure there's people who grief, but they tend to do it to social venues where they have an audience, not personal homes. (And I HAVE had to remove people from social venues) Heck, I haven't been griefed in a Sandbox in years, and in the old days that wasn't uncommon.
  7. They can't do that because water level is set and determined on the Region level, not parcel. I wish the latter was the case, then they COULD do locks. This is one of those cases where the infrastructure decisions they made come back to bite them a little, though I understand why they did it. So there'd be "some" regularity instead of every parcel owner setting it different.
  8. I said this 6 months ago on Reddit when the SSP regions were first spotted: That's a lot of docks, and what looks to be like seawall protected marinas on the coasts. But the problem is, it's not connected to anything. The Lindens made a HUGE mistake in not defining/sequestering parts of the grid for THEIR EXPANSION, so now there's private regions half-hazardly scattered everywhere instead of say confined to the West, or East or whatever. Which now leads to Sansara-Heterocera not being connected to Nautilus/Blake/Corsica/Gaeta/Satori, or anything being connected Jeogeot. Heck Gaeta 1 is still unfinished and unconnected to Corsica. What I think LL should do is move all their continents in proximity and connect them up with waterways and whatnot, shifting all the private lands elsewhere. Imagine being able to sail or fly from Bay City to Nautilus and the Blake. Or take a jaunt from the Blake and sail into the big lakes of Sansara. Also wrote this on VVO last month: What's sad is, even though you'll be able to sail from the south coast of Sansara to Jeogeot, you won't be able to go from Jeogeot to Bay City or even Heterocera because there is no inlet into the interior waters of Sansara on the South coast. They could do it if they added some more water regions from Omoo, up to Bleaberry Tarn in the Northeast. Or a similar waterway up the southwest side past the snow regions to Nonantoia (if that one river in the snow regions is navigable) or further up to about Keltham. And they would have to add regions, the existing navigable coast line is either too narrow or nonexistent. As I discovered, they'd have to go up to Keltham because the southern lakes and waterways in the snow regions aren't navigable from the sea or the other waters of Sansara because of the altitude difference in water level (high 80's vs sea level) and the dams. Also some of the interior passages in the west of Sansara NW of the Snowlands are VERY narrow and have right angle turns and there are overzealous orbs and nasty ban lines near region crossings.
  9. Your proposal sounds like "Bay City". As I've been saying, anyone who's kept their ears and eyes open knew there was an untapped demand for Bay City and Blake Sea living...without the huge buy in those areas have. I also noticed some problematic trees and bushes.
  10. I was wandering through Belisseria and ran into a couple who'd just got one. The fellow teleported a friend in and was explaining how Linden homes worked and he couldn't get one of the new ones. So apparently yes, they have run out (AFAIK, check with the Lindens to be sure) unless someone abandons one. As I said, a LOT of people were wanting a Bay City/Blake experience but couldn't justify the buy-in.
  11. VERY expensive, it's why I'm not in the Blake! (Or Bay City)
  12. I'm loving all the imaginative uses of the spaces and taking advantage of what prims you have effectively. Well done people, much better than I have done up on my 2128 up North in the Hidden Lakes area. If those houseboats had been announced (and the fact that they'd be placed in a continent like Belliseria) alongside the tier changes back last year, I might have held off and not picked up my mainland parcel and got one of those instead. Belliseria is just that nice.
  13. I passed by your house wandering around. When I saw it I said "Well look at THAT one, that's nicely done, very attractive." As for my opinion of the continent as a whole. Rez zones are needed at those little boathouse shacks they have set up, and at the lighthouses and some corners. They also need some land based rez zones. While the community areas are nice, they have the same lack of community control that the community areas at the old Linden home continents did. However there are more of them and they're logically placed. And while you can sail from Jeogeot to Belliseria and then on to Sansara, there is no access to Sansara's many interior waterways from the South! (and those southern lakes are separated from the northern and western waterways by those dams because the water level is higher than the rest) It could be done with added water regions up the northeast side of Sansara from Omoo up to Bleaberry Tarn, and up the northwest side of Sansara up to Keltham. If that was done, one could sail from Jeogeot all the way to Heterocera. Overall Belliseria has a sense of cohesion the old Linden Home continents didn't, in fact in some ways it rivals Bay City in that regard, but doesn't have Bay City's non-residential infrastructure. I would suggest creating a "city island" off to the side of one of the coasts in concert with a Bay City-like resident group. That could be the place with an airport and city style infrastructure a la Bay City, while keeping the Linden homes..."Linden Homes" And also Belliseria gives residents a Blake/Bay City style experience....without having to deal with the HUGE buy ins in those areas. Really, the reason's I got my parcel in the Hidden Lakes when the Premium Tier bonus went up (and they dropped the price of an additional 1024) instead of the Blake or setting in Bay City and hanging out with Marianne and company, was because of how expensive the Bay City and Blake parcels were. I would also suggest that LL look into linking Heterocera-Sansara-Belliseria-Jeogeot with Gaeta-Nautilus-Satori. LL should have sequestered private islands FAR away from their own continents in the first place, reserving the area near their contients for their own expansion. If they had done that we could have had interlinked continents ages ago. Imagine being able to sail from say Bay City, or my parcel in the Hidden Lakes to the Half Hitch in the Blake!
  14. I'm hoping they connect it up with some other land somewhere. Of course I also hope they eventually connect a finished Gaeta1 to Corsica and Gaeta5 and eventually connect Corsica/Gaeta/Nautilus/Blake/etc, with Sansara/Heterocera. I also want a BEELION L$ and a Pony.
  15. Umm no, what stipend you get depends on your registration date. I joined on July 19th of 2006. I didn't go Premium until December 22nd of 2011. I get the blessed 500L$ stipend of the Oldbie Elite. ? I can't say for sure either since I have no plans whatsoever to EVER stop being Premium now to see if I get the blessed 500L$ stipend if I leave Premium and then later return to Premium status. I can't really, I need the group slots and my primary Home/studio is on my mainland parcel. Again, I only went Premium in 2011 and I get the blessed 500L$ stipend. Indeed /me high-fives Garnet. Mainland generally refers to the big Linden-owned continents of SL: Sansara, Heterocera, Satori, Nautilus, Gaeta1, Gaeta5, Corsica, Jeogeot and so forth. And yes, there are places that you can't go as a basic member. For one, the Premium sandboxes. And for another there's some Premium Experiences. those are the game type things like Linden Realms. Magellan's Grid Hunt and Racer's Gulch are Premium Only Premium gets you: 1024 of tier free land. Meaning you can own up to 1024m2 of Mainland without paying extra fees. It used to be 512m2. The free tier can be applied to getting one of those Linden Homes, which are currently only 512's, but will eventually go up to 1024. One note about Linden Homes, the LI of the actual home supplied by LL does NOT count against the parcel LI, only what you personally rez does. A stipend. Every Tuesday, LL will give you 300L$ to use as you wish, and it's worth about 62 US$ which somewhat offsets the $72 yearly fee For those of us with the older higher stipend who pay yearly, the value of the L$ is higher than what we pay for the Premium account, currently the L$ is worth around 104 US$. So yes, if I didn't buy L$, (and hadn't upgraded my tier level to 2048) LL would basically pay ME to use SL. Premium users get 60 group slots, Basic's get the standard 42. Those extra group slots are worth it alone. I would do almost anything to get even more. Premium users get Voice Morphing as part of the benefits, which is normally 8US$ a month. Premium users get Premium support, which means the same live chat options Concierge users get. I have used it, now and then, it's been helpful. Premium gifts, a few aren't half bad.
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