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  1. Searching for a builder that can create a full gay vampire / Lycan / demon/ fantasy sim. Contact me here or inworld. Thank u
  2. Please, contact me if you are interested or if you know someone. It is to create half sim, to be the new home of my Horde. Thank you.
  3. To create a themed sim ( Half sim ). It will be the new home to my Horde. I have some ideas. Please, contact me. If you are interested, or if you are aware of some great artists. Thank u.
  4. Dres...i'm being serious here. Male, female. To me it's the same. When i refered my sexual orientationl, is because i don't do it in RL. I can´t. But i know a lot of people who really search for a gay psychologist. Besides the clinical and theoretical experience / knowledge, WE really understand what the other person is saying More to say... Thanks.
  5. I never thought people would feel the things they descibed, until the moment. Sorry. Just deleted the message. And...I know what i'm doing...
  6. I'm kinda interested! But...do we really win money with clubs? I doubt it..... Hugs
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