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  1. Like Sassy stated right in her first post here, this is so blatantly proof of the inability of LL to figure out what comes from the MP, so, instead of giving us what had been announced since DD was first spoken of, which was one folder for all MP purchases, now LL realizes they can't figure out what comes from where so they announce a new "feature" to DUMP everything received in this new folder. Such a screw up, it's unbelievable. And more so the only reply to 10 pages of comments is clearly a "oh right...err...ok sorry, it's being shipped already, next week we deal with the flaming and more jiras you all will surely open". Honestly, this is surreal.
  2. Have you tried Pulse skins, Jo? The skins are done in age ranges...like, 30's, 40's...up to 60's. And i'm pretty sure each one has a "natural" version, no make up. Then you can adjust your shape, mainly, your eyes settings, to further the "sleepless" look.
  3. My twenty twelve Same as twenty eleven :smileyvery-happy: I take years to grow out of a skin (shape is an ongoing tweaking project).
  4. Not really. What we are talking about here is more space for the same resources. To translate this in a simple example: Right now, you rent/buy one full region with 15000 prims available that runs on one server. The homestead regions, have 1/4 of those prims, because LL runs the 4 homesteads on one server (presumably on the same server, but I have this weird feeling it's not..anyway, that paranoia talking). What the Megaregion tech does, is, since these 4 regions are already running on the same server, why do they need region crossings between them? They don't, or they shouldn't. So, in keeping with the 15000 prim limit, the goal here, is get more room, without crossings as long as for the cluster of regions they still keep within the 15000 prim limit. Price wise, it should all remain the same, the resources used are still the same...one physical server. Which is, what happens now with homesteads, except, they still act as individual regions, subject to hand offs and time outs and all the region crossing problems we all know so well. One a side note, in the jira someone mentioned another option, which is "Variable Regions", again, looks like some OpenSims are already doing this. And again, SL isn't.
  5. Here we go: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7583 Hope that's working.
  6. I agree that region crossings should be fixed and this, in no way, should be seen as a solution to a long standing problem. And I should add the next paragraph of the article I am quoting from: " As a result, megaregions are popular for school and corporate campuses, and are a default configuration of the popular Diva Distro version of OpenSim as well as of Sim-on-a-stick. " This to show, there is nothing "new" about the technology, it's already being done and freely distributed. My point is, why not in SL?!! And if I can work out the jira, I'll post the link here.
  7. I was reading an article on Hypergridbusiness.com and this is the bit that got my attention: " The main difference between vehicles in OpenSim and vehicles in Second Life, he said, is that OpenSim vehicles can’t cross region borders. Fortunately, megaregions alleviate this problem. A megaregion is a single large region made up out of four, nine, sixteen or even more standard regions — as many as a single server can hold. If the regions are mostly landscape — lots of empty space for car races and sailing regattas — then these megaregions can be even larger. Since these megaregions act as if they were one big region, there are no border crossings — not for vehicles, and also not for avatars. " Now, why can't we have those?!! I like sailing in SL, up to the point when I give up after the uptenth crash by region crossing. But like the article states, not just for sailing but many other "sports" would surely love that. And, aren't homesteads pretty much the same thing? Four regions running off the same server...why do we even have region crossings on those? I can't think this is something so hard to implement, but, I stand to be corrected. Hey LL, give us all a treat, that would be awesome.
  8. If you have a way, try to rez another magic box on a different sim, and place just one item in it. Like a friends plot of land or any other land you have rez rights. Let the box upload, re synch in the MP dashboard, refresh the page. See if it shows. If they do, then the sim you have your original box, needs a restart.
  9. What Dora said is your best bet. Unless, the items you sell are for a specific niche group, like, for roleplaying, and you get a small spot at the market by the entrance of a roleplay sim. Other than that, for all the reasons Dora mentioned, you are better off with control of your own land and use of search features.
  10. Just something I was able to gather on this: What you see when you access your web profile, is not the same that other people see. You will see a lot of posts and feeds on your profile from other people (usually they are the ones in your friends list, or that were at some point in time, not sure exactly what are the parameters here, it's a mystery.). Anyway, try this with an alt, log in to the website with an alt and look up your profile. That's what everyone else sees. Edit: I just looked up your profile, merchant one too, and it all looks pretty clean. No feeds or weird comments from anyone else.
  11. Like Sassy suggested on another thread: A filter for mesh, just like we have for copy, mod, transfer. Would do the trick.
  12. I have a few vendors in markets, the average rent is 200L a week for 20 to 25 prims.
  13. I'm not talking about mesh as in clothing fabric. And if you do this now: "I've found that searching for "mesh" in the marketplace and setting it to search by "newest first" usually gives me the sort of results I'm looking for." You will see exactly what i'm talking about. At the time of this post, still in the first page of 12 items per page. And for the record, i said i "hate flagging items", i haven't done it once, don't want to start, but some people are really begging for it.
  14. Porky Gorky wrote: It depends on your definition of Mesh. Mesh has been in SL for a long time, the ground you walk on is mesh, avatars are mesh, sculpties are technically a mesh too. Mesh is such an ambiguous word, especially in a place like SL where you have professional 3D designers working alongside amateurs and hobbyists. The term Mesh means different things to different people. I think it will lead to allot of confusion especially when it comes to people flagging items on the MP. For example, If you flagged an item claiming to be "mesh" and it consisted of 4 standard prims and one sculpted prim, I think the seller should appeal and try and get the item re-listed, as they are technically not in the wrong. The item does contain mesh. Maybe merchants need to use more specific terminology such as "polygon mesh" or "rigged mesh". This will make things allot more black and white. I know you are being devil's advocate and you also know exactly what i'm talking about
  15. This video makes me realize how desperately we need a new default avatar mesh. It might have been an "ok" mesh 6 or 7 years ago, but it's totally dated now and it's only due to the remarkable ingenuity of so many in SL that turned Noob Linden into some beautiful looking avatars. You can see in the video how wearing a very nice jacket, and with the deformer working, when you increase body fat...even the jacket becomes something completely atrocious.
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