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  1. sent you the nc thx a lot for your help
  2. 2 years ago? so i guess they little late on their schedule
  3. i have no idea, all you need is a little prim or script with no transfer permission to screw it up i cant think of any other reason
  4. thx , that makes sence too bad that the lindens didnt informed anyone now i have to re write scripts for 20 products that are totally useless i guess the only thing i can do at the moment is to sit and wait for the IMs complains attack from my costumers
  5. maybe one of your textures is no transfer?
  6. ok,got a system restert,now it say You are at 285430.0, 270554.0, 60.5 in Harms Way located at sim9149.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life Server still got same scripts problem
  7. this is the info the viewer gives me : You are at 285431.0, 270555.0, 60.4 in Harms Way located at sim9149.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life Server
  8. since the new server update im having a problem with my particles scripts,they all massd up.. even when i try to reset it,or run scripts in selection..nothing solve it for me also some hovering text doesnt shows the hovering text on my sales boxes,i had to reset them and now the hovering text scripts are ok, but i had to resetthem 1 by one,lot of work cause i have many items at my store,a lot of them are boxed with hovering text above them. is it only me or anybody else having the same problems? thx in advance!
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