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  1. A machinima around the poetry of Edward Thomas, with an introduction by myself. Edward Thomas was born in London in 1878 to a mostly Welsh family. One of the foremost literary critics of his age, he turned to poetry in 1914 with the encouragement of Robert Frost. He could have avoided enlisting to the army, but still enlisted in 1915. Although called a war poet, the war is not described in a vivid or violent way but as a shady unsettling presence on the edges of his poetry. He died in the Battle of Arras in 1917. From the time that I discovered his poetry during 'O' level English around 1975, he has been a constant presence and and inspiration as a writer. In the first poem I write my own tribute to him (recognising that my work is a shadow of his), and three of his poems follow: 'The Bridge', 'How At Once' and 'In Memoriam (Easter 1915)' (Public domain). 'Speak softly, let your voice carry' is a post on my blog about this machinima.
  2. Well, I've now been in Second Life six years, and it fascinates me more than ever. I wasn't sure about doing this project, but several things came together, and I'm glad I've done it. It seems appropriate that this should be ready for my 100th post on by blog, which centres on Second Life and virtual worlds. This is my third video this year and the second in Second Life. I prefer to post in Vimeo to get higher quality and no adds - you can look me up at https://vimeo.com/tizzycanucci The embedded video below is linked to Youtube, and this is the
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