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  1. I have messed up my view angle and distance settings ands now can't get a good viewing position for myself during normal avatar movement. Please help
  2. Can anyone tell me if one can change the name of a group formed by yourself? I've searched everywhere and cannot find any information concerning this. Thank you
  3. Thank you for your answer, but yesterday I had 124 prims available, today I have 474. Yet I have not taken anything off my land. My prim allowance is just over 2900. Something strange going on, these prims returned after restart.
  4. A couple weeks ago when I logged on I found I had lost several hundred prims and many items had been returned to me in bulk. I always maintain at least a hundred prim cushion so I was baffled. Today after a restart I got 350 prims back , what gives? I live on Benicia sim, mainland.
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