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  1. Back to the Topic: Why is Lindenlabs still ignoring Bitcoin ? Even Paypal has integrated Bitcoin: http://www.forbes.com/sites/ryanmac/2014/09/23/paypal-takes-small-step-toward-bitcoin-partners-with-cryptocurrency-processors/ The things i would like to see: Bitcoin payments inworld and on the marketplace Cash withdrawal and deposit on Lindex Cutting the propietary solution Lindendollar I've phoned with the phone support of Lindenlabs and asked him why they are still ignoring Bitcoin and that Lindenlabs said years before they are doing this step due to money laundering. He loughed and said: that was only a fake reason because they are interested in controlling the currency - on this way they could decide how much and when the Lindendollar can be converted to real $ and keep the rest in their own pocket. This is a good technique to get a big credit from the Secondlife inhabtitants. I am not sure if we should accept this. BTW.: The Bitcoin Bubble is going on ...
  2. Bitcoins can be accepted without Problems in Secondlife. You can even make a "Bitcoin accepted" Banner in front of your shop.
  3. Oh really Storm ? Seems there is now a open discussion about Bitcoin in the Forum and i am still waiting for the big crash of Bitcoin Bitcoins can be accepted without Problems in Secondlife. So there is now an other alternative Currency to Lindendollar.
  4. Thats it ! There are some shops in Secondlife, which are accepting Bitcoin now ! As well as some Landlords ! Thumbs up !
  5. Mhh, where are all the Contra Bitcoin Guys now ? We are all waiting for the Big Bitcoin Crash ... After correction phase hovering at around 666$ it seems that Bitcoins continues its Crusade ... 6666$ the next target ?
  6. Hey Medhue, the for the good Bitcoin Information ! Are you accepting Bitcoin in your Shop ? If yes, i am going to spend some at your Shop.
  7. Storm Clarence wrote: Bitcoin is trading at 300USD which is over 70% lower from the start of the *dares* by Suds to short in order to prove him wrong. Well, he was not only proven wrong - he has to be a lot poorer today than he was last week. I'm glad I wasn't long snakeoil. TIP OF THE DAY: Never, ever take trading advice from people on the Internet who think they understand but absolutely do not. As was proved in this thread over and over again. No - I am not trading at mtgox Maybe you should mention the correct price at other exchanges. A lot of people think mtgox is not solvent but mtgox doesnt play a big role anymore. Its 700$ and this is not 70% lower ... just to remember you spikes are not representative for Bitcoin. Bitcoin was around 400$ weeks before and got to 1000$ again. If you look at the history you will see that this is nothing special for bitcoin. Its still bullish if you look at a wider not so tight timeframe. And to tell you again - ive bought bitcoin at a much lower price. The actual protocol problem is known a long time (2-3 years) but the real problem is that some exchanges implemented it in the wrong way. Similar to your local Bank ATM, with a fake mask ATM in front of it or people phishing your online bank account. I am sure you wouldnt call this secure as well, but i am sure you dont care about. BTW: With threads like this you are doing not a big favor to yourself ... but its your decision. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Trolls/td-p/2495749/highlight/true
  8. reymarkperry wrote: Read this article from Bitcoin Daily and find out what are the businesses that accept bitcoin as payment http://bitcoindaily.com/leisure/. Thank you reymarkperry. I've made a similar list as well. But some people just dont want to read it. I have to take a look as well.
  9. Qie Niangao wrote: I'd feel better about it if reymark actually were Sudo's alt but the style is quite different, and I don't see Sudo presenting as such an unwitting congregant at the "believe in the power of bitcoin" revival tent. It reminds us that many ordinary folks are putting hard-earned savings at risk with bitcoin, and will be very lucky not to be parted with that money. One wonders how many of them lost everything when Silk Road 2 got wiped clean. No its not my alt Qie - thank you. My point of view is that Bitcoin is very interesting as an alternative payment option combined with bitpay.com together. Its better than to trust Paypal only. I would not be impressed if a sellers Paypal account is being frozen due to virtual cuba wares. If this seller is from Spain for example, Paypal could just ignore european laws. Would not be the first time Paypal is doing this practice. BTW: The richest man Asias is investing in bitpay.com. His name is Li-Ka Shing (investing over Horizons Ventures, early investor of Facebook and Skype) Source: http://techcrunch.com/2013/12/27/asias-richest-man-invests-in-bitpay/
  10. Sassy Romano wrote: Now you're just using an alt to reply to yourself. I for one don't need to read anything. I can do all my payments both send and receive in currencies that work just fine, I don't need to have any interest whatsoever in Bitcoin. Remember, it's not legal tender and at that point, there ceases to be any interest in it. I might as well trade in grass clippings. Mhh the discussion starts to get interesting now. Sassy - this in not my alt. I think you mean the guy up to you. You should accept maybe that there are more Bitcoin users out there reading this thread as well. But its hard to conversate with people Contra Bitcoin. You have interesting arguements but assumptions like this is a little bit childish now. Sassy one question: as far as i know you are selling a lot of sex articles, like Sassy Bad Day Skirt isnt it. Did you know that a lot of children and adults are buying your skirt as good rape equipment? Or would you say this is a stupid assumption. To make it clear: your skirt can be used in a good or bad way, like bitcoin as well. I would like to use Bitcoin for faster withdrawals and to be more independent from LL in the case of bankrupcy. Using Bitcoin is as legal like using your Sassy's Bad Day Skirt. Its just business nothing else. But to return to the discussion: Which arguments speak against Bitcoin when Bitpay.com is integrated in Secondlife ? With Bitpay you can get your USD or whatever much faster with no risc due to price fluctuations. BTW: Bitcoin IS a LEGAL tender (in USA) - USA itself is selling at the moment the complete Silkroad Money from the FBI. Its just an other assumption from you, that Bitcoin is not legal. Sorry, but it IS.
  11. Storm Clarence wrote: Sudoquai Wonder wrote: Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Sudoquai Wonder wrote: The question is: What is the asset, what is the base currency and what is the bubble? You cant argue Bitcoin is a Bubble ready to burst based on two articles. If you are absolutely sure, you can open a Forex Account and just Short Sell Bitcoin. If you are right you will make a lot of money with this bet! I wouldnt do that at the moment. Next target is around 10.000$ - like it or not and it will move to this direction. Maybe not tomorrow but it will. My reservations aren't based on two articles. History (short as it may be) shows the bubble effect, remember the 30-2 dollar drop? The 2 dollar is still higher than the "real value" of the asset, which is of course nothing. Short selling by myself won't be very wise, not right now at least, but what if the biggest bitcoin hoarders would do just that? You'd see the value drop from close to 1000 to 0 in a heartbeat. I won't be buying or shortselling anyway. I don't see bitcoins different from any other asset and I don't like to speculate, call me conservative. As the US goverment stopped the gold standard they've opened the possibility to make unlimited dues, which cant be returned. The US government for example has this problem actually NOW at the moment. They would like to decrease the dues, but they cant. Every half year they are increasing the dues together with the oposition and this leads to inflation first and then to hyperinflation or a hair cut. Maybe not this year but it will happen. The reason the gold standard was abandoned, was to prevent hyperinflation. It doesn't rule out the possibility of course. The value of money is based on trust, much like the bitcoin. The big difference is, normal money is regulated much better and like it or not, people have more trust in normal money than in bitcoins. Anyway, here's an article on the gold standard. Particularly this sentence: “Most economists now agree 90 percent of the reason why the U.S. got out of the Great Depression was the break with gold,” said Liaquat Ahamed, author of the book Lords of Finance. Bitcoin dropped already from 1200$ to 500$. The market didnt accept this price - correction phase is already over hovering at around 1000$. As well as the 30$ to 2$ drop - this past correction is over. ... Again, you were dead wrong. It's just beginning. You are playing a game you simply do not understand. Period. You just don't get it! You have already lost over 30 percent of your money since you started this OP. Ride it out a little longer perhaps you will lose 75% by end of 1st quarter. Lol! Storm - you CAN short Bitcoin but there is no reason to do it (go to Avatrade). Your Timeframe is some hours, maybe days. I've bought Bitcoin at much more lower levels. So i cant see any loss looking at my initial investment ... I can sleep very well. BTW: A good trader never invests his whole wealth in one basket ... but dream on And good as i am i am telling you - Bitcoin is "bubbling" and "bursting" every year. But the "bubble" is always bigger then the "burst" - hopefully i could help you. The last "bubble" and "burst" was at April 2013. And yes: After each bubble Bitcoin is loosing 75% of its value - gaining 1000% after correction. But do what you want, i am not your mum or dad ... and discussions like this are very off-topic for me. Nobody is forcing you to use Bitcoin. Have a nice day.
  12. Qie Niangao wrote: This was all over the news yesterday. Not that I'm a huge fan of Apple, but the move does illustrate the massive power of Cupertino. The reports of enraged Bitcoin believers smashing their iPhones for a promised Nexus 5 replacement are also hilarious. Two things about that: The (quite impressive) Nexus 5 is so inexpensive as to be the rounding error on Bitcoin's daily volatility, and WTF are Bitcoin faithful doing, owning non-jailbroke iPhones? This flock is so ripe for fleecing! Great Since Steve Jobs is dead Apple is doing the biggest **bleep**, like at lifetimes when Steve Jobs was out of Apple. And of which "Power of Cupertino" you are talking about? Bitcoin is a threat for them. Google likes Bitcoin and are thinking about integrating it in Google Wallet, which is used for paying Android Apps. Its well known that Apple is doing this because they cash 30% of all Appstore earnings. Bitcoin is a threat for them going around this. They are as well thinking about an own "crypto" currency. I think it will be more like these childish Amazon Coins. Here are Bitcoin Users using IPhone (as a contrary picture to the "power of cupertino") : https://www.change.org/petitions/apple-allow-bitcoin-wallets-on-the-iphone I wish Apple all the best with this decision. Google doesnt need any wishes - they know what they do.
  13. madman626 Fall wrote: I don't think my bank would take your silly bitcoin either ,, I dont blame LL one bit for not talking them ,, you don't like it easy go play with your bitcoin else where. Is your Bank taking your silly L$? And the question is if Bitcoin needs a Bank to be accepted or if Bitcoin is its own bank. Bitcoin is widely accepted, you can easily pay with it ... Look at what in Cyprus happened. People trusted their Bank in Cyprus and the government just took a "small" amount from peoples Bank account to pay back their dues. And in Cyprus people bought a big amount of Bitcoin to save their money. I dont know where you are living, but if it is USA the same can happen to you in the near future ... So if you trust your Bank - just do it. Fact is Banks dont like Bitcoin because they dont know it is friend or foe. I wouldnt underestimate it.
  14. Storm Clarence wrote: You can't short bitcoin. So what are you talking about? You can my friend, you can. Bitfinex, Avatrade and for sure some other Inform please, then think and then talk ...
  15. Its only a contra argument. The guy says with other words, these companies are money laundering companies. Back to the topic: Will Bitcoin be accepted by the Local Payments Program? Its more a question directly to LL because the phone support is so weak and quiet. BTW: i see the same "Contra Bitcoin" guys in every thread i've opened and it has nothing to do with my topic, steph and co.
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