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  1. if you have sex in second life it will mess up your real life head..................just saying
  2. LL is not responding to any support issues- either they borked their updates due to low technical competence of remaining staff or maybe they are going broke.
  3. Is the image of you "from other avatars" given to you by the "Angel" avi???? Notice the "Angel" avi is using Cool Viewer which does not support SSB....
  4. Have you ever just kicked back and listened to music on your mainland home and watched the minimap? Lately I have been noticing waves of name&numbered avatars- (bots??) tping into the region where I have a home.And there are some of them that come back repeatedly. Sometimes they have very unusual names and if I see them and click on their profile -- the profiles are very, very blank. A avatar here since 2010 has no picture no feed, no picks, no groups NOTHING!!!!!!!! I guess it has to be a bot! Who else would walk around with a name like "manslthingamabobber2012". Does anybody else know what is going on? What are these things doing? Are they spying? Counting heads? Looking for land to buy? Are they taking pictures? Sure its easy to see the bots placed in empty stores- sometimes they move around- well that seems strange too! I'm a little creeped out now that I see them.
  5. Thanks to all who answered.........it helped me do a systematic check.... so HEY! its working now!! #1. Uninstall Second Life _____-an UPDATE will not fix the problem-- the problem is you have to turn WEB PROXY off!! An update should be written to overwrite all past settings.... I know it is irritating to have to turn off typing animation, (hahah what a dumb feature), and have to reset your graphic settings, but THAT is nothing compared to having it crash all the time. There was nothing wrong with my Internet connection-- the Web proxy feature caused it to fail to connect. #2. Reinstall Second Life - and preferably go back a few versions from the last one you installed..... #3. Test it out----see how things work- watch for error msgs........ #4. if the older update works- then try the next newer one.. also check out Niran's Viewer- really wild - like one of the posters mentioned.... if all else fails, go out and buy a new video card, When you can run in Ultra mode with shadows, its really cool. 8^)
  6. Hi, SL Viewer - the latest version- will not launch- It tries and then displays a white screen that says "Host not Found" then an very unhelpful message appears saying "Check your Windows Firewall setting". Well I have, nothing is wrong. Strange, SL Beta will work ok- although it is prone to catastrophic crashes, lol. Oh and Firestorm and Phoenix, and Imprudence all work just fine, with far fewer crashes. Anyone have a clue whats wrong?......(its not SL voice). Both Secondlife Beta and Secondlife are set for access thru Windows Firewall.
  7. I was told to edit your brow, for some reason that will fix it.
  8. This happened to me one time. One shoe just vanished! About a week later I was looking at my house from the outside and I saw a bump on the wall-sticking partly out. Clicking on it I found it was my missing shoe! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. thanks Ishtara, that is a good explanation- I suppose my observations were fairly close- that buildings can overlap. Its tood bad about the water- it would be nice to have a ship autopilot like a cruise ship and have its own teleport address. But if people have skyboxes without doors or windows - I mean just open buildings and platforms how is that privacy? I don't see how being above 500 meters is privacy. Even I as a new user I have a door with an access list on my house. In a 1960's science fiction story ( "The Stars My Destination"), teleportation wasdiscovered and all you needed was a 3D coordinate to teleport- (just like in SL). People who wanted privacy had homes built like mazes so a teleporter could only guess at a open space to teleport in. Otherwise they would materialize inside walls and die!
  10. I fairly new to SL and I just bought a 1024 on the mainland and built my own house. The question is: Does my ownership extend an unlimited distance into the sky? Isn't that very much unlike normal RL property??? How can anyone fly (by plane, zeppelin, jet-pack, flying saucer etc..) without running into all those buildings up in the sky? I see structures - (platforms, houses, spheres, columns etc.) above me if I fly upwards- some of them look like they are above my house. Now i've seen how ban lines work but if you are flying high enough you can cross over other properties, (on the ground anyway..). But those buildings in the sky are all over the place. And why can't we sail our boats on all the water between land that you can see on the world map? Is that all private land? I guess I find it hard to believe these rules are so unlike RL rules. What is the rationale behind this?
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