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  1. Drake, message me in world, I'll answer any question..that I am able. This is very personal to me and I'd rather not discuss details in a public forum... In saying that, I will turn off my notices to the board and take any questions in world...have a great weekend ❤️
  2. First I'd like to say, it is my store. When I started closing on "my" Sabbath I sent out a notice and said message ME if you have any questions, I understood the concept would be different from the SL norm. No one asked, not one. For the curious, I'm American, follower of Jesus Christ and I have come under the understanding I am to keep the Torah. Keeping the Sabbath is in the basic ten commandments. I'm not associated with any denomination. I have over 1000 vendors, not scripted and no marketplace store. I have no ban lines in place but could ban off the entire sim if
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