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  1. Drake, message me in world, I'll answer any question..that I am able. This is very personal to me and I'd rather not discuss details in a public forum... In saying that, I will turn off my notices to the board and take any questions in world...have a great weekend ❤️
  2. First I'd like to say, it is my store. When I started closing on "my" Sabbath I sent out a notice and said message ME if you have any questions, I understood the concept would be different from the SL norm. No one asked, not one. For the curious, I'm American, follower of Jesus Christ and I have come under the understanding I am to keep the Torah. Keeping the Sabbath is in the basic ten commandments. I'm not associated with any denomination. I have over 1000 vendors, not scripted and no marketplace store. I have no ban lines in place but could ban off the entire sim if I chose too, but that would not give me a chance to explain to people popping in the reason for closing and cause more confusion. I'm in weekly events, I leave my 2 and 3 day events out all week. (Wednesday till Wednesday) I'm more than generous with half priced new releases for 24 hours and plenty of group gifts. If I happen to set out a new release at 50% off on a Friday afternoon, it is left out until Sunday night. Yes, I do miss out on major events outside of my sim. I keep "my" Sabbath and wrote this in my group notice, also there is a note card available to anyone stating the time zone I'm in. I have a designated landmark for them to fall into a cozy little build with comfortable furniture and the information poster. There should never have been any confusion, I'm very approachable. I more than make up for the day they cannot shop at my store with outstanding customer service. Meaning I answer every im and every note card, will drop RL to come in at any time I see an email from a customer message in SL..if they need in world assistance I come in then, not the next day. If I see someone has accidentally paid full price for a item I have on special, I come in and refund the money. Second Life is my job. I work on a old computer, SL has become more detailed, it takes me 8-12 hours just to texture and package an outfit. It is a lot of work in which I would be paid more working at the local fast food store but I love what I do and I adore my customers. So me saying in my real life tab in my profile, "In RL I secretly hate SL" that means I hated my job that week..which no one said ever....crickets. I cannot lie and say I love everything about second life everyday...but I try to be very kind, kindness covers many errors. Also, I changed the note card in my information poster, saying I would no longer ban anyone but would not feel the same about them if they purchased an item. Since I have started taking Sabbaths in SL, only one person purchased an item....one (I didn't ban them nor would I have). Not bad for 3 months I have witness a side of people I never thought I would, honorable. Having respect for another person they may not agree with, but honoring their requests. Second Life can be a wonderful world most days and I hope to be in here another (almost) 13 years. If you still have questions lol im me in world. I really hope that you will I am to be a light unto the world ❤️
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