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  1. Problem is.. you CAN use invisiprims if you have a low graphics setting, they'll work. But people around you will see things differently
  2. Apes don't wear clothes... humans are getting more and more stupid... coincidence ?
  3. This is sad... very sad ! All you can do about someone ruining your SL life is... running away... Sad...
  4. There is another way... I remote control my pc. You can find android apps for that (I use teamviewer, free for a non professional use) I can you it on my tablet, or on my smartphone. Only trouble is you have to let your pc on and set it when you leave, I only do this when I know I have to be in sl while away, and not for too long. You have a very low framerate too...
  5. wow, that's weird !!!! It's like saying every software installed on a pc uses some ram even if you don't launch it... :matte-motes-oh-rly:
  6. "When I started combing through my inventory to pull out unneccessary scripts, one pair of my favorite shoes (which were my favorite because they included a hud with a ton of textures, degrees of shiny, footprints or not, sound or not, etc.) - contained 64 individual scripts per *shoe*!!!!" Well... do inactive scripts count in the render cost of an avatar ? If you don't click on your shoes to change something, they're just there doing nothing. Am I right ?
  7. Grmpfff... ok so it seems they're not in a hurry fixing it
  8. Yup, certainly... I just talked about this to an old friend inworld, she said she saw this years ago, maybe 4 or 5 years... I find it mindblowing that nobody at LL moved in all that time
  9. I was once ejected from a club without any good reason, really... A dancer in a club suddently decided my av was out of the rules (no animals, when my usual av is a man with a wolf's head and tail, not even a real furry)... I answered her "I'm just a man with a wolf mask on... do you ban masks?" She then switched to "your tail is causing lag" I answered "ok I give up, I'm leaving" and said in the local chat "Ok folks I have to go, appears that I can't have a tail " She ejected me before I had the time to tp. I admit, maybe I should just have gone without a word, but I was there for
  10. My "not two but a few" words... Second life is what people make it. It's not a few tweaks or changes that will suddently make people rush in. Of course theree are some issues, but the thing ain't broken at all.
  11. And most clubs don't allow voice... but it would be stupid ot let it on in the land. You have to behave in any public place. You can't be seen in a rl shop shouting and throwing stuff around. Being a customer doesn't allow you to do everything. In your case the problem is we don't know what you did exactly. Some club owners or managers are a bit abusive, some club goers are a bit exasperating, that's it.
  12. *facepalm* models aren't supposed to be very bright... :matte-motes-evil:
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