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  1. Hello Animats, Out of 44 rentals on some of HL city sims, 33 are currently rented, some since many years, and the unoccupied ones because I just added 8 extra rentals last week in HL east / China sim. I love to visit futuristic cities on SL and last time my friend TPed me to see Cocoon, when I arrived there it was only to discover plenty of HL's exclusive newer content I made from scratch was copyboted, mesh, textures, even the Sound Design that was made entirely by Hangars Liquides too.. No worries though, Im used to this by now, and it is not your fault. Thank you for appreciating Hangars Liquides Djehan
  2. day 8 on the THINIS project, 3 sims wide huge post apoc build by builder djehan kidd (hangars liquides), work in progress : http://www.flickr.com/photos/hangarsliquides/5693592891/in/photostream/ http://thinisthesim.com all exclusive materials on site opening may 26th 2011 you can come have a look of you want cheers
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