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  1. Names of colours are only a guide. Ever looked at a Painting Colour Chart? They patent the names of colours so nobody else can use that name. Stoopid! That's why there's 5 million names for off white. The same colour will look very different using any other light source (computer monitors too) so personal preference is always the deciding factor. Just thought I'd chuck that in.

  2. Go premium. I've always bought mainland, it always way cheaper. (for me) I just want something to build on. I search for a 512 and sort by price. Then go to the cheapest and look. Too busy, go to the next one. Got a new one a few weeks ago for 249L. As it happens, I got my pay (400L) right after that so I was still 150L in front. That's the best way to get into land for the first time too.

  3. Correct answer: It depends. It depends on the creator making things optimally, not wasting resources. It depends on the complexity of the scene. It depends on the textures, A LOT! 1024 textures everywhere will slow everyone down for no reason. But wait, there's more! Better for you as the owner to use the tools in the viewer to check sim performance. Make a couple of changes and see the difference to get the best out of it.

  4. Gabriella Allardyce wrote:

    Third:  This would probably go for anything, but more things with the option of buying as transferable.  It is very hard to buy a gift for someone (well hard for me to buy you) when I can not transfer it to you.


    While most people want
    permissions, you can't have
    permissions as well for obvious reasons. This is where the marketplace comes in, Add to Cart as Gift solves this so it shouldn't be a problem.

  5. What Daniel is explaining: Well, you don't get any extra verts but more faces around the edge which would be very small and useless. To make a two sided plane, (it will still have 8 verts no matter what using solidify or copy face.)

    Blender, have plane: select - SHIFT + D to copy (click out so it doesnt move), W , choose  flip normals.

    Two planes in the same place with opposing normals.

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  6. I suppose it's because LL has not supplied any tools for creators but endorsed Collada for us to use. So the creators of SL had to do something. This is the result.


    Anyway, forget all that noise.

    Kudos goes to the "Team" who got Collada into Blender and the bonus SL support.

    Hip Hip Hooray,  Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray!

  7. What may or may not be realised is that SL members are the product, not the customer. The real customer is the shareholders. If the product delivers results, i.e. profit, then it's working as intended. Changes to the product don't really matter as long as the customer is happy. Since when has the Product always been right?

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