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  1. Unfortunately, Radar, it's the Macs with an ATI Radeon graphics card that have the problems, which means any iMac (as far as I know--could be wrong...)
  2. Can some braver soul than I try installing this on an iMac and let us know if 1) it doesn't crash 2) antialiasing actually works? Much appreciated...
  3. Oooo my Comment Page keeps moving OK so what is the problem here, I get the feeling some people are blaming their lousy broadband system on SL; or the fact that they have a second rate computer. Of course SL runs on a laptop; whoever said it doesnt needs to get their information checked. I run SL on three laptops and a PC with no problems. One laptop is three years old and works on XP, the PC is two and the other two are one year old. Only the PC is a gaming machine the others are regular machines. It seems that LL is a soft target for all you moaners out there. I have been here 3 and a b
  4. Goddammit, Linden Labs. Do you want Mac users as customers, or not?
  5. Not just 10.6, as they would have us believe. 10.5 is in the same sorry state of disrepair.
  6. I'm one more Mac user reporting in that 2.2 is completely unusable, due to the fact that with antialiasing on, the screen is a wash of colors and nothing else. With antialiasing off, the jaggies knock me right out of a decent SL experience. Neither the current Beta release nor the current Development release fixes this. I'm glad I could re-download 2.1, where antialiasing works. I sincerely hope you get this fixed before you make a 2.2 version a mandatory upgrade, or I will be forced to explore the wide, wide world of third-party viewers!
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