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  1. You need to go to a sim with less lag or you can log off and back on and see if that helps. Usually, you need to go to an emptier sim.
  2. It's been a while since I age verified. I would log out, check your e-mail and see if you need to respond to an e-mail. I seem to recall it took a few hours for my card to go through as well.
  3. I would check the following first. 1. Make sure you are running the latest version of Second Life viewer. 2. Log out, then back in. 3. Move to a zone with less traffic and/or lag. 4. Appearances are made up of three basic parts. a. The shape b. The skin c. The hair (Sometimes you need to put on a bald base first) 5. Optional parts include a. Tatoos b. Eyes c. "Naughty bits" d. Hands, feet, scars. I'd recommend searching for skins in world and going to a shop and asking a sales assistant to help you.
  4. When I first started it was probably 70% rp, 20% exploring, 10% shopping. Now, it's more like 40% rp, 40% ooc chatting with SL friends, 10% exploring, 10% shopping.
  5. I think any mature or adult sim has plenty of chances for interactions. I'd recommend putting your preferences in your profile that you prefer to be intimate only with other women. Considerate people will respect this. And, if someone doesn't respect this, there's always the mute button.
  6. Genre. There are so many options ranging from "Lord of the Rings" type environments to medievel, Roman, Star Trek, vampires and the like. You need to decide what genre appeals to you. Time Zone. The RL location of the regular SIM inhabitants is also important. Some places I like quite a bit but because I'm in the East Coast US and most of the people are from Europe. It has been increasingly difficult even to play with people on the West Coast of the US, I'm wanting to go to sleep just as they're gearing up to play. Approachability. Friendliness of the Sim residents is another factor. Do th
  7. I love the pictures. Thanks for recommending Ahab's Haunt. It looks terrific.
  8. I love playing in Sinners Bay (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sinners%20Bay/5/5/22). I'm heavily into role playing and this sim offers the best of everything, its gorgeous to look at, has a menacing hidden network of sewers and basements, and good gathering spots for meeting the local residents. Even though this is a sim for Adults in which this sunny, beachside town hides dark secrets, there's plenty of different ways to interact. I particularly love the willingness of the old time residents to take the time to introduce themselves and welcome newcomers into their midst. The quality of the r
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