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  1. Hi! Im the same lol, just wandering around or organising inventory more and more! Send me an IM inworld if you like
  2. Catya Rabeni

    Looking for Friends, nerds always A+

    Hi Im looking to meet new people too, send me an IM inworld if you like
  3. Catya Rabeni

    New Friends!

    Hi I'm looking to meet new people too Sens me an IM inworld if you like
  4. Catya Rabeni

    Hi all :)

    I've been out of SL for a couple of years and recently came back in a couple of months ago. Understandably i've lost alot of friends through being away so long, and so looking to meet new people, i've made a few new friends in the past couple of months but it's always nice to meet new people, especially to explore around, go shopping and to clubs with. I'm a 28yr old female who loves metal and rock music and all things geeky, if you'd like to talk/meet up, send me an IM :) Look forward to talking/meeting with you! Catya Rabeni :D