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  1. Yes, thank you Neo. I could go back to 2.7.2 viewer today
  2. Thanks answer, Rolig. " Old_versions " link viewer are too OLD. they are not work my Win7 PC. also I have Phoenix viewer. but it's not good my PC because it's heavey than Viewer 2. so I heard previous version download page from my friend. it's "Release Note" page. link is here : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes
  3. Hello. I updated " Second Life 2.7.4 (235167) Jul 8 2011 11:39:10 (Second Life Release) " today. and when I edit some objects, objects and prims are not displayed. they are displayed " Objects : [COUNT], Prims : [COUNT] "on editting window. this is important issue. Where can I get before version ? I cann't wait fix for next version.
  4. Where is explore button ? Should I create new account again ? I live in U.S. and I bought a new computer a month ago. I using Internet Explore.
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