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  1. If you have been to InWorldz and experienced some of the very high land impact regions that are located adjacent to each other, you will find that even with a high end computer, you need to keep your draw distance way down to avoid overloading your viewer. On Mainland in SL, this was a huge problem when it was well populated. Now that you have vast areas of low prims, the problem isn't as critical except in some dense areas. On private sims, those that have experienced these issues know that you need to separate the high land impact regions with homesteads to keep the land impact tolerable within draw distance. Making this situation worse, many "quality" mesh developers insist that you should keep your LOD at 4, which causes your graphics card to have to handle detail in complex builds at a much higher distance than you would see with the default settings. Adding more land impact to high density adjacent regions will drastically limit those machines that can handle these builds. Regardless of which regions (there was a report of homesteads... mainland has homesteads?) actually get this increase, developers need to use care to keep the extra land impact out of direct view. Otherwise, you will be further increasing client side lag for your audience.
  2. Unfortunately, this still did not fix my intermittent "We are sorry, Linden Lab has discovered degraded performance on your connection to the region you are on." error. Oddly, it is stuck on "Downloading Clothing" before issuing that message. Why is it downloading clothing if baking is done on the server? (Firestorm-Release v4.4.2.34167 - Server It worked the first time I logged on, but failed the second time. The first time I was initially gray but then all textures were applied. Also, the old Phoenix viewer still shows my avatar as visible and fully rezzed, though I don't know if others see me that way. The notice says that when SSA/B is enabled, my avatar will not be visible on old viewers like Phoenix.
  3. I do have an alt account and you are correct that it has never occurred with that avatar, though I only use it for testing permissions and security. The inventory in that account is very low. I am a content creator, so my inventory is quite high, though my partner's inventory is more than double the size of mine. Inventory cleanup is probably worthwhile as it has been more than a year since it was last cleaned. But "cleanup" is a relative term, but I have outdated versions of creations and items in trash (which often turns out to be where missing items show up). Still, it would be worth trying this since it worked for you. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. I frequently have this problem with all of the V3 viewers. It never occurs with Phoenix. I too have a high speed connection and all 3 of my computers have this problem. I do not use wireless, and the problem occurs whether any other foreground taks is running. Turning off virus scanning does not fix the issue. The third computer had the LL viewer installed before Firestorm or any other application, so for me that issue is completely unrelated. My computer is fairly high end and has fantastic performance with shadows with Firestorm, when it works. LL Tech Support attempted to replicate the issue using my account and did not see the problem occur despite repeated logon attempts. I am usually able to access SL one time, then it will not work again until later in the day. I then revert back to Phoenix, which logs in quickly and completely every time. However, the Firestorm team has announced that it will disable Phoenix on the next Firestorm release. If this problem is not related to avatar baking issues, then my access to SL will be more limited than it is now (we have numerous regions and develop new products, but Phoenix cannot render mesh). The problem may be something that gets stuck during download that the new viewer isn't handling correctly because the scene stops loading and the avatar doesn't rez. When I can eventually get in, there are no performance issues at all. The issue is definitely intermittent and completely unrelated to virus scanning, memory, video card, or intranet router (of all components in my network, only the Comcast cable router has not been subtituted).
  5. The Coeur Duchy is an 18th century themed environment with some of the finest houses in SL interconnected with roads intended for travel by horse and carriage, and narrow waterways for rowboats. The duchy is home to the annual Music and Arts Festival held the last weekend of July. The duchy is not a role play sim, though you may introduce your own role play. There is an extensive system of caverns that even interconnects with some houses. We also have adequate public facilities to closely emulate the environment of the late 18th century in Western Europe. Although the duchy has some signs and place names in French, the spoken language is primarily English. The landscaping is handled by the duchy management and includes seasonal changes. The waterways freeze during winter, allowing ice skating and other winter activities. At other times of the year, use the duchy rowboats to travel through most of the regions. The water flows in many of the waterways creating a realistic sensation when you travel. You may use the canal locks to lift your boat to higher elevations and attempt to cleanly navigate down the rapids! Choose from a wide variety of homes priced from as low as 300L/week. The largest estates are on entire regions. Many homes are from Varriale Designs. Most homes include a security system, locking doors, radio, privacy windows, and access to the duchy carriage system that allows you to travel to any of about 100 destinations, including event venues, themed shops, and other homes. The horse even remembers your favorite destinations and where you live! Rental provides a specific number of prims that you may use for furnishing your home (i.e., the house is included in the rental price). Be sure to read about the restrictions before leasing as we are very careful to maintain a consistent outdoor appearance. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aquitaine%20Coeur%20Nord/152/100/37
  6. Very fast to load, but for an older person, the music at the initial location was really off-putting. It was very loud and the lyrics were avocating burning and killing. This may be entertaining for male teenagers, but it immediately had me looking for the mute button. Fortunately, the interface is very easy to use and the mute button was the first control I used! Being familiar with SL, the navigation controls were immediately obvious and easy to use, unlike competing environments. Setup time is far faster than nearly any other competitive environment. However, switching to full screen on a dual screen setup was rather disconcerting. The screen blacked out for nearly 15 seconds. Fortunately, I had seen the same thing occur on a Swedish environment just a few days ago and it recovered in exactly the same way. My partner and I used Microsoft Live Messenger in that environment (we have not tried it in this one), and switching the screen to access that caused significant problems with the screen switching. I don't anticipate that would be an issue here since the environment can be windowed or full screen. I use near ultra high graphics settings when exploring SL, so seeing some of the environments on this viewer were relatively disappointing, but lag was nearly non-existent. I did not know where region crossings were in the sims I tested, so I was not able to test that. Even after the most recent update and restart, we are still experiencing 8 second plus delays when crossing borders in SL, so that is still an extremely high priority for us. In summary, I would suggest gathering a bit of information prior to immersing a new user in the environment to place them in a world that is reasonably appropriate. This is an exceptionally great first step and should whet the appetite of anyone that might be interested in exploring a virtual world!
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