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  1. That sure looks like the same effect; thank you for pointing me to the bug I can't get to see! Are there any known workarounds? I dread the number of bug reports that will come in about this issue. I was told it was ribbon related and since I write scripts, hence the question here!
  2. Has anyone seen the effect where a particle stream for a chain leash occasionally "flashes"? Every so often, the particles appear to be surrounded by a cloud that is light and bright; this flashes on and off. The flashing appears to depend on camera angle and I am told is a result of the LL introduction of ribbon particles. I know I'm not the only one to have seen it, but really want to know if there is a fix for the problem. Many thanks, Chloe
  3. Technically, my name is Chloe1982 Constantine :cathappy: If you're interested, we'll be glad to talk! Hugs Chloe
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