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  1. Really sorry to hear that, Caity. Thanks for letting us know. He'll be missed.
  2. I couldn't possibly ignore this thread. Grabs a piece of pie and runs off.
  3. You can still access your pics if you you manually add /snapshots after your name in the address bar.
  4. Kelli May wrote: More annoyingly, there are posts where someone asks a question then goes on to act negatively, even abusively, when a reply is other than a straight answer. Far too many cries of "I didn't ask your opinion, I asked for help" and " if you are not interested in being part of the research, you are free to not respond". Excuse me. If you don't want it discussed, don't bring it to the Discussion forum. I like those posts. They are potential derail goldmines.
  5. Rhonda Huntress wrote: I loved Sus! She had fire, that's for sure. /me hisses and splashes holy water, and crossing herself for good meausre. LOL!
  6. Oh, I think every good forum *needs* its twits as much as it needs its twists. Especially when they're such twits that it's hard to tell if they're super earnest or just trolling. Is grudge RIC'ing still much of an issue?
  7. I'd QFT if I could remember how to quote here ;-)
  8. If he gets bombarded with flying penises (and I hope he does), I hope someone has the presence of mind to capture and Youtube it.
  9. Yeah! That happened! Drake's panties are very nice.
  10. Demure as ever, my steely eyed girl. I looked at your Marketplace, Drake, saw 26 pages and even after narrowing it down to Women's Apparel gave up. Photos are already bubbling in my mind. If you could send me a direct link that'd be great. Please and thanks!
  11. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Canoro Philipp wrote: materials are coming, they are like bump mapping and shiny, but more complex, objects using that feature wil show a more realistic texture that will behave differently to light and angle of view. Ummm.. Materials are already here.. Normal maps and Specular maps have been around for a while now. I made a scale mail bikini that looks like it is actual scales, yet is a flat mesh. Wants! Is that on the open market? It'd go well with my feathers.
  12. I am on the mesh body bandwagon. I have a pair of Lolas but also like to be more athletically/reasonably endowed and Lolas never really looked right shrunked down. The Slink Physique is a good choice for the mroe slender/athletic sized woman,
  13. Cinnamon Mistwood wrote: I had nearly forgotten how uncensored the old forums were. Quite unlike the very sanitized version we have now. Unfortunate, really. I always enjoyed a good tussle and/or flight of fancy.
  14. I was also wondering about the word choice of 'cornholed' as opposed to 'cornfield'. Bahaha!
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